In our examination of the teaching in the New Testament on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ we have discovered the great prominence of this doctrine. Born in Germany on August 27, , A. C. Gaebelein emigrated to the United States in to avoid compulsory military service and to experience the. The Psalms: An Exposition [Arno C. (A C) Gaebelein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back! There is a significant silence.

The Annotated Bible by Arno C. Gaebelein

Gentile and denominational Christianity. The Angels of God will accompany Him in His return. The New Testament teaches that there will be a judgment-seat of Christ.

According to some only those will meet the Gaebeleun who believe in His coming; holiness sects claim that one must have had a “deeper” experience to be fit for His coming. This new work forced him to reevaluate his views on prophecy, and he became an ardent premillennialist.

Before Christ Edersheim Flavius Josephus more. The Lord Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God. It was not a phantom departure, but He went in person. Now this is not a foolish assertion that He will come today. He was a prominent teacher and conference speaker. Both men were fervent dispensationalists, and Scofield asked Gaebelein to provide the prophetic portions of the Scofield Reference Bible.


Instead of coming together before God, calling upon His name, trusting Him, that He is able to perform what He has so often promised, they speak about their riches, their influence, their Colonial Bank, and court the favor of the Sultan. With the storm clouds x war gathering once again inGaebelein wrote words that applied not only to his readers then, but to us as well: Furthermore the testimony of the great documents of Christianity, the Epistles, teach that Agebelein return is the goal of redemption.

Bible Commentaries

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. He returns at the close of the great tribulation, Matthew Some speak of the Church having yet to pass “through a Gaebeleni experience. The great movement is one of unbelief and confidence in themselves instead of God’s eternal purposes.

Perhaps in His infinite mercy He may still tarry to add more members to His Body, His own fullness, which filleth all in all” quoted in Arno C. When the Lord Jesus said to His disciples “I will come again and receive you unto myself,” they say, He meant the death of the disciples, when He would come to take them to Himself.

Two of his books, Revelation, an Analysis and Exposition and Current Events in the Light of the Bible explain the dispensationalist view of eschatology. In his early ministry to immigrants, Gaebelein coordinated a broad-based work of social and evangelistic outreach that included distribution of food and clothing, operation of a dispensary, sewing classes, and relief funds for Jews in Europe. They were scattered into the four corners of the earth instead.

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The Return of The Lord Jesus by A.C. Gaebelein

All he needs is personal, saving faith in his own Jewish Messiah, the Christ of God, nothing more. Lexicon Search Greek Hebrew Aramaic. The mystery of iniquity was then already at work 2 Thess.

Nowhere is it predicted that when Christ comes back He will find a converted world, that righteousness and peace will reign before His return. Every believer will receive an eternal body, like unto His own glorious body. Views Read Edit View history. Whatever revelation the Lord Jesus Christ predicted as to His visible, personal and glorious return, preceded gaebellein the great tribulation and the manifestation of the Antichrist, is also gaebelejn in the Old Testament.

University of California, Los Angeles.

If there is no second coming of Christ the whole truth of Christianity breaks down. And all that was Divinely given him through Faebelein he has full liberty to retain and uphold as far as possible when he becomes a believer in Jesus Christ. This article about a member of the Christian clergy is a stub.

His coming for the Saints will mean a blessed re-union with our loved ones, who have gone before, and with all the Saints. He said that He would go away.

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