Cons. They misrepresent how easy it will be to provide work for you. They take a big cut of what they are charging the client. They don’t return. So I submitted my resume, completed my profile online at Robert Half The call made it seem as though Robert Half was offering me a direct job in their IT. Research Accountemps with over reviews from real employees. Learn from their stories “I am paid every week thru Direct Deposit, normally every Tuesday.”.

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Emme in Matawan, New Jersey 4 months ago. I worked for Robert Half at a terrible company for 3 days. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. Happy Camper in Festus, Missouri.

Had I not filled out the paperwork, I would not have been able to do that job because they needed someone right away. I am working on an accounting job through Robert Half. Emme in Matawan, New Jersey. The negative posts seem more like the individuals are upset with themselves rather than Robert Half.

*Warning* Robert Half – Robert Half Technology Jobs |

I got a call from my recruiter who said an employer had a report due the next day, could I work from home. The big nationwide recruiting firms don’t care one bit about you.


Frank Simpson in Georgia 9 months ago. StaffingExpert in Pleasanton, California 72 months ago. Do your research before applying for a job. Moreover, if you have been working with one staffing firm and switch to another expect the old firm to burn you at ddeposit one of their clients.

Ive been hired temp to perm and have no qualms about the experience so far. Believe, I have seen it happen. V in Houston, Texas 70 months ago. John Doe in Denver, Colorado 54 months ago.

If a client calls and digect, “I need a bookkeeper tomorrow with Peachtree experience” we’re not going to waste time calling you, having you come in THEN to fill out paperwork and then scramble to get you out to a client in the morning.

Job Seeker in Sterling Heights, Michigan 76 months ago.

My advice is to avoid this company at all costs Reply. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support.

I said yes and within a half hour I began work on the project. It’s a great for my needs now. I interviewed on a Monday and started my job on a Thursday. The supervisor attempted to call the office, even though I told virect she was on yet another vacation, and when I offered to give him her cell, he refused, and told m e” I wouldn’t worry about it”.

*Warning* Robert Half

One day they love you and next day you are hard to get along with and have “personal issues” when they take the client out to lunch or a round of golf. No complaints in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. I didn’t have a time card.


I handled accounts receivable and they actually charged two times my hourly rate. Notice that full-time is the last on the list.

It’s not for everyone but it is also not a scam. She then asked me to at least meet with the recruiter and see what he has to offer, so I agreed to. Job Seeker in Sterling Heights, Michigan said: Content is not continuously monitored. I get a call on Monday for an interview having completed everything Friday evening.

The call made it seem as though Robert Half was offering me diect direct job in their IT department. They make you sign a waiver against any damage they may feposit to you or your reputation and if they get hacked or leave de;osit application lying around so the veposit crew can steal your personal information and open up loans or such with your personal information it is tough.

It is as sure as the sun rising in the morning. Not a bad idea to accoumtemps an law firm a few hundred after you part company with a staffing firm to do a background check with them on your behalf.

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