AKAI CAU B User Manuals. PDF Download AKAI CAU B English user manual · PDF Download AKAI CAU B Hungarian user manual · PDF. márc. Akai CAU MP3 autós lejátszó nem kapcsol be.Táp csatlakoztatáskor egy pillanatra felvillan a kijelző de bekapcsolni nem lehet. VERSION IND-XBT. USER MANUAL VERSION IND-XU. IND- BT Manual – Bravo View Technology. AKAI CAU B English user manual.

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Press OK, on the remote control to display all available video file folders. Subtitle DVD only However, occasional sound skips may occur when driving on very rough roads. Panel Controls panel controls power On: The unit will not switch Cable is not properly on. If no aai control, after 5 minutes the unit will turn into standby mode.

Press ESC to return to playlist menu. Pausing play rPT ONe: New disc may have some rough spots around the inner and outer edges. Traffic information can be received from the current station or stations in other network.

However, this illustration is not necessary printed as the actual image found on the unit. During the file playing, press will enter power on logo, then press to return. The antenna is not connected Connect the antenna properly. Page 12 installation guide continuous 4.

Remove the factory mounting brackets and Mounting bolt rubber cushion Transport screws 19 Installation Guide Anti-Theft System hardware from the existing unit and attach them to the new unit.


Never expose this unit, amplifier, and speakers to moisture or water for preventing electric sparks or fires. Check for sufficient space behind the dashboard for the unit chassis.

Make sure the unit is mounted within caau limitation. Do not put sticker paper, tape or disc labels on disc surfaces, as internal damage may occur. Press to listen to a preset station, and hold for more than 2 seconds to store station.

In case of such conditions, wait until the vehicle interior reaches a normal temperature or any condensation on the disc player lens has evaporated before using the player.

Always remove the disc when the player is not in use. Supported sampling frequency for MP3 disc: Press twice to cease the playback. Do not stick paper, tape or skai labels on disc surfaces, as internal damage may occur. Insert the disc into the slot, and the unit will change to disc mode automatically.

Akai CAU-7180B Operating Instructions Manual

If your vehicle requires the use of an installation kit to mount this akxi, follow the instructions included with the installation kit to attach the unit to the mounting plate supplied with the kit. Locate the series of bend tabs along the top, bottom, and sides of the mounting 18 Installation Guide Kit Installation sleeve. Immediately stop using it cah call the store where you purchased it. ERROR will be displayed if error found in disc operation.

INDU – Bravo View Technology

Pull out the battery holder while pressing the stopper. If the DVD disc has the subtitle file in the selected language, the subtitle will be displayed in the selected language. Please follow these guidelines to take care of your compact discs. However, the MP3 recording media and accepted formats are limited. Selecting a Station Press fau or another station. Make sure the unit is mounted within this limitation. Longer screws may damage components inside the chassis. If the uppermost folder is listed, ESC cannot be used.


Never try to repair the unit by yourself because it is dangerous to do so. The unit will temporarily switch to the tuner mode regardless of the current mode and begin broadcasting the announcement at TA volume level. After you cua finished reading the instructions, keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.

HUE Set the hue of the video output with to T to select the subtitle language to show if the DVD akqi multiple xau subtitles. Page of 16 Go. Remove the Unit 1. Reconnect Battery anti-theft system installation guide continuous reset This unit is equipped with a detachable panel. Use digit button to select number. Please understand if RDS service is not available in you area, the following service is not available. Wire and test the unit as outlined in the Mounting Sleeve Installation instructions.

However, this illustration is not necessary printed as the actual image found on the unit.

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