Thomas Vaughan ( − 27 February ) was a Welsh philosopher and alchemist, who was paying attention to Vaughan as author, and established a reputation with his book Anthroposophia Theomagica, a magico-mystical work. Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death [Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius Philalethes] on *FREE*. : Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death (): Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius.

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I shall now speak something of his dissolution and close up my discourse as he theomayica his life with death. Now, man hath the use of all these creatures, God having furnished, him with a living library wherein to employ himself. If thou wilt kick and fling, I shall say with the Cardinal: It is not gold, silver, Saturn, antimony or vitriol, nor any kind of mineral whatsoever.

I present thee not here with any clamorous opposition of their patron but a positive express of principles as I find them in Nature. It is a visible sign of our invisible union to Christ, which St Paul calls a great mystery ; and if the thing signified be so reverend the signature is no ex tempore, contemptible agent. Man in the beginning I mean the substantial, inward man both in and after his creation, for some short time, was a pure intellectual essence, free from all fleshly, sensual affections.

But there is no counsel against God.

It is that of St Peter, where he speaks of Snthroposophie being ” theomagca to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: But as I look on moles that lurk In blind entrenchments and there work Their own dark prisons to repair, Heaving the earth to take in air So view my fetter’d soul, that must Struggle with this her load of dust ; Meet her address and add one ray To this mew’d parcel of Thy day.

And I knew such a man whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: This is clear out of the ashes of vegetables ; for although their weaker, exterior elements expire by violence of the fire yet theeomagica earth cannot be destroyed but vitrified.


And this is that which St Paul tells us that he had not known sin, had it not been for the Law. Ignorance gave this release the name of death, but properly it is the soul’s birth and a charter that makes tueomagica her liberty.

Get fast, theomxgica shipping with Amazon Prime. The fusion and transparency of this substance is occasioned by the radical moisture or seminal water of the compound. Debus has written that a simple explanation of Vaughan’s natural philosophy, in its mature form, is as the De occulta of Cornelius Agrippain an exposition coming via the views of Michael Sendivogius. Dear Lord, deny me still, and never sign My will but when that will agrees with Thine.

If I question our divines what the forbidden fruit was I may be long enough without an answer.

If we look on his adversaries, the least among them hath foiled him ; but Telesius knocked him on the head and Gampanella hath quite discomposed him. Anthroposopuie over storms she soars, hears rushing clouds Beneath her feet, and the blind thunder spurns. For He made man as it were for His playfellow, that he might survey and examine His works. Thirdly, let them not mangle and discompose my book with a scatter of observations but proceed methodically to the censure of each part, expounding what is obscure and discovering the very practice, that the reader may find my positions to be false, not only in their theory but, if thheomagica will essay it, by his own particular experience.

Hence the Platonists called it “the nimbus of descending Divinity. The darkness, whence proceed the corruptions and consequently the death of the creature, was imprisoned in the centre, but breaks out still when the day gives it leave, and like a baffled giant thrusts his head out of doors in the absence of his adversary.

This, I say, must needs sound strange with such as understand the Scriptures in the literal, plain sense, considering not the scope and intention of the Divine Spirit, by Whom they were first penned and delivered.

Thomas Vaughan (philosopher)

I am confident this shall not pass without noise ; but I may do well enough if thou grantest me but one request. In a word, the whole encyclopaedia as they call it baiting the demonstrative, mathematical part is built on mere imagination, without the least light of experience.


The interstellar skies are his vital, ethereal waters and the stars his animal, sensual fire. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

anthroposophia theomagica – the ethereal kiosk

Thus you see that this medial soul or middle spirit is figured by the Tree of Knowledge ; but he that knows why the Tree of Life is said to be in the midst of the Garden and to grow out of the ground will more fully understand that which we have spoken.

If I Be lifted up I’ll draw all to the sky. Views Read Edit View history.

He that knows this knows theomaica subject of the Philosophical Medicine, and by theomsgica what destroys or preserves the temperament of man. These are the true principles of the Stone ; these are the philosopher’s Sun and Moon not gold and silver, as some mountebanks and carbonados would have it.

The earth is spongy, porous and magnetical, of composition loose, the better to take in the several influences of heat, rains and dews for the nurture and conservation of her products.

Thomas Vaughan (philosopher) – Wikipedia

Go to Public Collections to browse other people’s collections. Retrieved 7 June For example, there is a threefold earth: He casts about to nullify that which God had enacted that so at once he might overreach Him and His creature. I have two admonitions antroposophie to the ingenuous and well-disposed reader: In plain terms, it is the seed of the greater animal, the seed of heaven and earth, our most secret, miraculous hermaphrodite.

This consideration or Type God hath since used in the performance of inferior works. Hence flocks and herds and men and beasts and fowls With breath are quicken’d, and attract their souls ; Hence take the forms His prescience did ordain, And into Him at length resolve again.

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