Aphytis melinus a excellent beneficial insect in controlling infestations of scale insects. Aphytis melinus (golden Chalcis) is a small parasitoid wasp yellow. USE: Aphytis melinus is a parasite that is effective on several different kinds of scale, including: red scale, yellow scale, and oleander scale. They are commonly . Aphytis melinus. Appearance: Aphytis melinus is a yellow parasitoid of about 1 mm in size. The difference between male and female wasps can not be seen with .

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If harsh toxic melijus must be used, Aphytis should be re introduced in 4 weeks after application. Aphytis melinus Aphytis is a parasitoid of armoured scale insects, including red scale Aonidiella aurantiioriental scale Aonidiella orientalis and oleander scale Aspidiotus nerii. Description and biology Aphytis are tiny yellow wasps capable of short flights within a tree, or from one tree to the next.

How to Manage Pests:

Copper fungicides, nutritional sprays and some miticides are safe for use with Aphytis. In citrus, the round hole distinguishes scales parasitized by this species from ones parasitized by Comperiella bifasciata, which leaves a larger, more irregularly shaped exit hole.

Minimum 25, wasps per hectare 2. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One reason for its effectiveness as a natural enemy is that A. Aphytis wasps are very effective parasites of scale insects but they are delicate organisms and are easily harmed by pesticides. Aphytis pahytis sensitive to many pesticides and it is important to check for pesticide residues before releasing the parasites. Inspect cups on arrival. Because its feeding is external to the scale body, Aphytis is considered an ectoparasite.

We also stock a range of traps and monitoring tools. Pest Management and Identification.

Aphytis melinus adults can be confused with the adult male California red scale; however, the male scale has long antennae, a dark band around its back, and only one pair of wings. Similar trends were observed with sex ratios; many of the insectaries had male-biased sex ratios in the colder months, especially January through February.


The juvenile parasites spend most of their life cycle developing within and feeding on the scale insect. The optimum time for augmentative releases would be the seven-week period from mid-March through the first week in May. Aphytis melinus DeBach, Aphytis melinusalso called golden Chalcid, is a small yellow parasitic wasp, measuring 1. It then transforms into a pupa inside the body. Place cup into tree or tap wasps out of cup onto fruit or foliage final release point.

We produce 16 commercial biological control products for IPM programs.

Release parasites at release points per acre. Scale mergence usually occurs in spring. Aphytis Melinus Red Scale Parasite Home Biological Solutions Aphytis Melinus Red Scale Parasite Aphytis melinus California red scale is aphyits favorite prey of these parasitic wasps, although citrus red scale, oleander scale, San Jose scale, ivy scale, and citrus yellow scale are other prey.

Aphytis (Aphytis melinus) – Biological Services, Australia

Some plants can also be useful as a supply of nectar for adult Aphytis to feed on. Aphytis viability decreases rapidly with prolonged storage. On established scale sites it can take up to months for complete control. After hatching, the developing Aphytis larvae feed on the scale insects, ultimately killing them. Oil sprays Bacillus thuringiensis and Sabadilla are compatible. Regular monitoring by an experienced scout is recommended to check that the wasps are apnytis. Quality control Inspect cups on arrival.

To reproduce, the female Aphytis lays an egg under a virgin female scale. Several other closely related and difficult to distinguish Aphytis species attack various armored scales in California. Release at dusk or mflinus windows are covered so that the Aphytis will mdlinus infested plants quicker.


See our Home pageor in the U. Aphytis feeds on immature armoured scales scale insectsbut lays its eggs under virgin females. Adult wasps also use scales as a food source, killing them by direct feeding host feeding.

Adults live for approximately days up aphytix 25 and deposit eggs daily. Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California.

If infestation levels are high apply insecticidal soap weeks prior to release. The adult female wasp lays her eggs under the scale cover onto the body of second-instar and unmated mature female scales.

As indices of quality, we assessed the percentage of live parasitoids both sexes 1, 3, 7, 14, and 28 d after receipt of the shipment, shipment sex ratio, and the size of female wasps.

Irrigation can help to minimise dust. The adult parasites live approximately 26 days and will also dine on honeydew. If a parasitized scale cover is flipped over, the dead scale will be flat and dehydrated, and the parasite’s cast skin and fecal pellets will be evident. Aphytis wasps prefer healthy, well-foliaged trees, melins help to provide shelter from extremes of environmental conditions.

Wash off Honeydew from plants just before release. This chalcid wasp -related article is a stub. They will slowly spread over longer distances.

This page was last edited on 8 Julyat Release parasites every fifth to sixth tree every fifth to sixth row starting at a different row each release. Printer-friendly version How to Manage Pests: University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. Ant control is also important where Aphytis are present because ants will disrupt the ability of the parasites to oviposit. After reaching adulthood, the tiny adult wasp chews a small round hole in the scale cover and leaves.

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