ASHRAE 55-2007 PDF

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard ) ASHRAE STANDARD Thermal Environmental Conditions. CBE Thermal Comfort tool to calculate thermal comfort according to ASHRAE Standard , ASHRAE standard 55 thermal comfort tool, thermal comfort. See Appendix I for approval dates by the ASHRAE Standards Committee, the ASHRAE an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site .

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This section of the standard is applicable for the design of buildings.

These values may be used in ashrar above equation when the turbulence intensity is not measured. Compliance is achieved if the conditions provide thermal neutrality, measured as falling between K High Activity 9.

Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

The revision is a consensus standard that has undergone public and ASHRAE review; it incorporates the relevant research and experience gained since the revision. The insulation provided by clothing can be determined by a variety of means and, if accurate data are available from other sources, such as measurement with thermal manikins, these data may be used.

Discomfort caused by vertical air temperature differences. The surface area of an average person is 1. As a minimum, the temporal average is a three-minute average with at least 18 equally spaced points in time.

Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

The standard suggests that the time of measurements should last two or more hours long, and it should also be a representative time of the year for this specific building. If the resulting PMV value generated by the model is within the recommended range, the conditions are within the comfort zone. Field experiments on occupant comfort and office thermal environments in a hot-humid climate.


The PMV method does not fully account for this factor, and this standard should not be applied to situations where the time-averaged metabolic rate is above 2. Use a separate form for each comment. Under all expected operating conditions, air speed nondirectionalair temperature, and humidity shall be verified.

Subjective human response to low-level air currents and asymmetric radiation. Files attached to an e-mail: The influence of clothing and temperature on sedentary comfort.

Table B1 lists the insulation provided by a variety of common clothing ensembles. In buildings, it may be appropriate to measure the clothing and activity levels of the occupants.

For VAV systems, readings shall be taken at maximum flow with minimum supply air temperature. However, the conditions required for thermal comfort in spaces that are naturally conditioned are not necessarily the same as those conditions required for other indoor spaces. ASHRAE will accept the following as equivalent to the signature required on the change submittal form to convey nonexclusive copyright: The metabolic rates associated with the activities of various individuals in a space may not be averaged to find a single, average metabolic rate to be applied to that space.

This method is based on the concept that when occupants choose their clothing according to their environment, the outdoor environment is more influential than the indoor one.

Comfort limits ashra heated ceilings. Turbulence intensity is measured in the same period by calculating the ratio of the standard deviation for the period to the average air speed. Any application of this standard must identify the occupants who must have a residency of more than 15 minutes in the space to which it applies. It is also specified that the methods provided by this standard are no longer valid when the clothing insulation exceed 1.


To cite this webpage: Prevailing mean outdoor ashhrae. Psychrometric chart air temperature Psychrometric chart operative temperature Temperature — Relative Humidity chart Operative Temperature — Velocity chart. There is a variety of means to determine the insulation provided by clothing.

Nasseri Gideon Shavit David R. Complete plans, descriptions, component literature, and operation and maintenance instructions for the building systems should be provided and maintained. Comfort limits for man exposed to asymmetric thermal radiation.

Also, this standard should not be used with clothing that is highly impermeable to moisture transport e. Some of the sections below may not be applicable to naturally conditioned buildings.

If these sky conditions are rare ashraf not representative of the sky conditions used for design, then sky conditions representative of design conditions are acceptable.

Thermal comfort – compliance

All clothing ensembles, except where otherwise indicated in parentheses, include shoes, socks, and briefs or panties. These criteria may also be used for people wearing heavier footgear, but may be conservative.

Determine asurae best location for providing accurate air temperature and humidity readings. Simple hand calculations and computer models of buildings and systems are available for this purpose.

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