Aztaka is a side-scrolling adventure/RPG with a Metroid-like structure and themes of ancient Aztec culture. #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips. iOS Impulse: Specials include Aztaka, various Gratuitous Space Battles expansion packs, and.

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Then go back and drop down to the area below the trees.

If you flipped all of the switches, the boulder will shift out of the way. Go to the left. Return to the Ancient Path Aztak Aztlan go right.

Aztaka – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

The Atlan Miquih Swamp Go right. Through a doorway to a glowing orb in the centre of room: But will drop a solar naguall. Continue left to get some walkthrohgh energy to drag back to the lift.

Stack Center and stack multiple super size images. Continue right to map. Bypass the doorway this time and continue left.

Steals & Deals: Aztaka, 4 Elements, Alexandra Fortune, and more!

To use this click close to left and right of Huilzilo waist several times fast. But for now continue right. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. On the same level as the pillar of light, go all the way left. God of Cat May 15, 3: Huitzilo is controlled with the [WASD] keys, while the mouse is wielded to target enemies, execute physical and magical attacks, as well as grab different energies. Return to the Tlocopan Village 2nd See the guy there and get a ealkthrough for killing Iczlocolk!


Nicapachi Jun 28, After getting the double jump sandals in the crypt, head to the left and jump on the sloping pillar. So head back left to the doorway and go through it and turn left.

Exit the way you came in, go to map. Pick it up and continue left. Go down the stairs and go left. Jump the broken bridges and go higher still then you come to the Way to the Calpallalpan Temple. Run aztqka the way to the right.

Game of the week. Exit path by going back left, and continue right. Note the cave path with a torch either side and a tree to the right. When you get to two pillars, drop two blue energy orbs onto the spotted area. Go in to the first.

Kill them for orchid flowers. Legal notice All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. Good graphics and playability, and a good consistent theme. Itzlacolk’s Jungle Blue Eyes: This will unlock the leftmost entrance on the first area. To reach this area, go through The Ancient Ruins and at the top.

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Walkthrokgh to Calpollalpan cross roads, to see brother. Jump right, have some vital energy in the hand to activate a branch then wall jump back up. Note the ghostly Priest. Click on the great temple on the map and then at the top. You can reach it via the Ancient Ruins or with the double-jump ability.

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