Beyond the Highland Mist. Karen Marie Moning, Author Dell Publishing Company $ (p) ISBN Beyond the Highland Mist could have been a good read, but instead is debuting author Karen Marie Moning serves up a overly-strong stew. Beyond the Highland Mist This one was intense! The romantic despair was off the charts, and scorching hot. While some might find it to be a bit.

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I couldn’t get that.

MacKayla Lane’s life is good. She has no personality. One of the problems I had with the book was that she didn’t seem to have any trouble with adapting to the past. Unfortunately the fella she wants to make jealous is the Fae King. I finished simply because there were so many other things to enjoy.

Beyond the Highland Mist

You know, when you watch a soap, at the end of every episode bejond is a: A prisoner in time She had a perfect “no” on her perfect lips for the notorious laird, but Hawk swore she would whisper his name highlnd desire, begging for the passion he longed to ignite within her. But this book seems to be more of a paranormal fantasy book in that regard than a true time-travel. Iain Maitland, laird of his clan, a man more powerfully compelling than any she had ever encountered.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. It was especially nice to see such a strong, sexy, handsome historical character who really just wanted peace and a family.

Meanwhile our heroine is chilling in the 20th century with her cat. Its like rewatching Friends episodes or old movies. Our evil jester discovers Adrienne de Simone some years in the future, after her life has been ruined by the handsome Eberhart Darrow Garrett, the man she had planned to marry.


Well so be it, there are worse things. Emmy MacKenzie decides it’s time for a much-deserved vacation. This book had earned a couple of 2 stars from a few of my close GR karfn.

Beyond the Highland Mist | Karen Marie Moning

But noo, he can’t have sex with her because HE didn’t make her horny, and untill he does that – no hanky-panky. If you loved Gabaldon’s Outlander I couldn’t even get on board with Outlander. Time travel does not exist but her eyes do not deceive her because the proof is there. Gazed about the room. Yes, that’s the reason. If I must command you to my bed, then so be it. Basically he is a fucking sap under his rock hard, bronzed body.

As he so arrogantly brags to his best friend and captain of the guard, Grimm, “There is not kraen woman I can not have.

Book Review – Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning

Just Beyond the Highland Mist is my first read by this author, and not a bad start to the Highland series, though only loosely tied to it. The book was too long. I vaguely expected something different from the usual fluff. Mining he didn’t do those things because he was gorgeous. Initially, the conflict, the humor, and the setting all seem to work. Back in timeyou say?

Not even the barriers of time and space would keep him from winning her love. The sifting from central character groups and centuries was a bid disconcerting but by the last book, the tne were a bit clearer AND, re-reading miet series after knowing more about the interactions, made the details more visible, the actions more “ah-h, that’s why! They’ve all got cell phones stuck to their ears and yet I’ve never seen such distance between people trying so hard to be close.


AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. I focus on personality and character interaction through detail within a story and attempt to “create” in my own mind, what the author was omitting from a story. That hot, carnal, cantankerous badass I had hoped there would be a great story line that went with this romance, however, most of this was the he wants her, she wants him but won’t say so, back and forth. And just the day before I left you beyonf have seen the headlines in the papers. Moninv of the Beeyond By: While the Hawk begins to fall for his wife, Adrienne remains committed to not being foolish again.

The H was so wonderful to her and she was so awful no matter what he did.

They seem to get better ratings. Higjland really did like a lot of this book but the whole fairy aspect didn’t work for me. While the characters have a history, it is quickly subsumed in the drama of the present. I will continue reading her stuff though:

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