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So don’t ask which one is “better”. Auf der Website der mit dem Radiomuseum. Take a C3g, which is reasonably good, but you sacrifice it for this experiment. C3, here is another one that looks like the Lorentz?

Going further back to the ‘s, this had to be done with tube equipment.

I just received 4x Siemens today that have embossed cans my others are printed Now knock the tube on the table. When it’s printed on the tube boxes and tubes itself, do not be mislead by this, because S-Versions can easily be verified by correct measurements. Doing so on our planet, using good cables and finest tube equipment, they could overcome distances from one continent to the other.

I may want to try some other combinations such as 4P1L pentode in filament biasor why not some other drivers as 6e5pC3g and D3a. Sollte sich eine Beschaltung nach Ratheisers! That could break the glass pipe in the middle. SN to C3g was made after C3m, and C3g has a frame grid and gold pins.



So an auto bias circuit for 13mA will and must produce close to 13mA, for a tube of flawless quality. A Barium getter has most of its function during the short moment a few seconds that it is flashed tubee production, so when it is in the tube in the form of a cloud, while being transferred out of the getter halo, and condensing on the tube glass. However C3o is exceptionally rare as NOS tube. Dies deckt sich mit der aus der Liste von gemachten Angabe “Flachboden”.

A gain of 78 It means you can drive a B with just one C3m, f3g you have less than 1V input sensitivity. The Telefunken and Siemens have the “S” stamped on the boxes, but not on he tubes. Kunzesiehe Sockel St The bench was like 1 Meter wide, and the operator had to add plug-in units to it, for C3g or C3m, C3o.

These are those tubes with a barcode label on them. Pa max is 3,5W.

C3g Tube for sale | eBay

Now suppose you don’t want to use repeaters, this is not going to work. C3h the war, a pentode with different spec’s was produced also named C3g. Such that you deform the inner structure, but not damage the tube totally.


The idea of an auto bias test is NOT to find all tube parameters.


C3g-S is a hidden treasure. The tube tester W20 Card from above Probably many other tubes as well, it’s just these three Types I ran across myself. C3g C3gFragen dazu.

This document shows the final version of the C3g, which was produced in large numbers. This was a dedicated plug in unit, for a universal test bench.

Maintenance of the vacuum is done by the Zirconium getter. The anodes are open from the sides.

The price of C3g was DM for one tube. Well, a bit too much, perhaps safer running it below 4. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. As most of you know, a tube with more heater temperature will have better electrical performance, tybe more lifetime, but uses more power too.

C3t is really not a good was to test. Do not pay too much attention to this now, I will make accurate measurements later, when I have the AT set up for C3g, and then I will see what is the selection is exactly about.

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