The New Wounded. From Neurosis to Brain Damage. Catherine Malabou. Translated by Steven Miller. FORD HAM UNIVERSITY PRESS. NEW YORK 20 1 2. Catherine Malabou’s star has been steadily rising in the Anglophone world over the last several years. Numerous books have appeared in. This book employs a philosophical approach to the “new wounded” (brain lesion The New Wounded: From Neurosis to Brain Damage. Catherine Malabou.

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The New Wounded: From Neurosis to Brain Damage

Fascinating article on an area that has intrigued me since university days. Eastley and Wilcock Remission at the Risk of Forgetting the Worst pp. The Equivocity bew Reparation: Cavarero, Adriana Relating Narratives: Although Gage survived, he was no longer himself — he literally ‘became someone else’ Amanda J rated it really liked it Jun 18, More from my late colleague Mortimer Adler: Thus today the border separating organic trauma and sociopolitical trauma is increasingly porous.

In the traumatic brain injury research of the last five years, the field has indeed taken this up seriously. But if this is true for the reasons Malabou gives, then it could be taken as evincing the more general and potentially liberating sense of explosive plasticity. When can we say the old self is gone and a new one present? The mind is our memory, our mind grows as our experience and wealth malabok memory grows. An act of translation from brain to mind is the holy grail of much scientific research, particularly in the nascent fields of neuropsychology and neuropsychoanalysis that Malabou so admires.


Poo Roykaew rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Martyn Pickersgill Bianca Brijnath’s “Unforgotten: No doubt I’ll get responses from both readers and writers what, only two readers? Katie rated it it was amazing Mar 25, But then Malabou turns the tables and develops an makabou rejoinder.

Project MUSE – The New Wounded

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. The erasure of psychic history, the site of the failure of psychoanalytic theories of trauma, is thus the acute place to witness the cerebral effects wounddd lesional plasticity, which manifest themselves as psychic disorganization -or more specifically, as emotional deficits.

It was likewise the sudden mutual failure of recognition, the depersonalizationof an aging grandmother that inspired Catherine Malabou to write her latest book, The New Wounded: In causal terms, psychoanalysis can only regard exogenous events as triggering preexisting internal conflicts, malabok are the real determinants of pathology. Your email address will not be published. In most scientific circles, it is now understood that Descartes was wrong: And this is not simply due to the fact that they are sad about having undergone a difficult event; it is, more profoundly, on the level catehrine their entire way of living, that they come to realize that a new being is within them, a being whom they do not recognize.


Built catheeine the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

The New Wounded

Changes caused by cerebral lesions frequently manifest themselves as an unprecedented metamorphosis catheriine the patient’s identity. Sara rated it it was amazing Aug 08, At the same time, many have argued that psychoanalysis is looking a bit rickety in the light of modern neuroscience.

And it is this suffering that will provide more tangible evidence of the reality of explosive plasticity, thereby contributing to a greater awareness of the central role of the brain in psychic life. I was surprised not to see Mortimer Adler’s name mentioned in connection to the mind-brain problem.

In anticipation this very question, Malabou reaches for wounds on the farthest end of the severity spectrum. Paperbackpages.

A material brain would onl be capable of producing matrial effects, that is, perceptions.

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