With CFFORM, you gain the advantage of access to these Java applet-based controls without having to know the Java language, and, you don’t have to juggle . cfform. Builds a form with CFML custom control tags; these provide more functionality than standard HTML form input elements. cfform>. cfform();. I started out with cfform back in the day, but eventually wanted to do more robust things (validations, etc) than cfform was able to handle. That forced me to learn.

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Creating Forms with the CFFORM Tag

If yes, expands previously-selected elements. The preservedata setting on the action page controls the preservation of the data. James Moberg 3, 1 14 JavaScript function to execute after input validation. Usage This tag requires an end tag. If you omit this attribute and the method is get, the form posts to the page identified by the CGI.

Creating custom forms with the cfform tag

The cftree completePath attribute must be set to Yes. The displayed height might be less than the specified size. This way if there is ever a need to not use it, I don’t have to come up with a workaround. They are not available in Flash format: You can specify this cfrorm attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure.


When you use such a structure, you do too want submitting form information to cause a new page to be displayed; instead, you want dynamic code to modify the existing page without causing a complete reload.

Creating Forms with the CFFORM Tag

If the Flash form is above any item, transparent regions in the form show the content that is below it. Cffomr any child tags specify onSubmit field validation, ColdFusion does the validation before executing this JavaScript. I always felt the code behind this should be open sourced so people can evolve it forward independently.

In Flash format, must be a style specification in CSS format. JavaScript or ActionScript function to execute to preprocess data before form is submitted. Any form field name, from the cfform tag or an HTML form, that ends in one of the following suffixes invokes server-side form validation:.

cfform CFML Documentation

Changed integer validation to require an integer value. I started out with cfform back in cform day, but eventually wanted to do more robust things validations, etc than cfform was able to handle. Can be any of the following: They are not available in Flash format:.

Used in the cfform or cfformgroup tag body for Flash and XML forms. Styles to apply to the form. The reason that CF is such a kick-ass product is that empowers new users to get a lot of work done quickly with not much understanding and it enables rocket scientists to build really powerful and secure applications quickly too.


Because the controls use JavaScript to return data to ColdFusion, if you disable JavaScript in your browser, it cannot properly run forms that contain these controls. In Flash format, if you do not cfrorm height and width attributes, Flash reserves browser space equal to the area of the browser window. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Use for preprocessing data before form is submitted. For HTML format forms: Name cffform ColdFusion page to execute when the form is submitted for processing. Specifies whether to include support screen readers in the Flash form.

This avoids confusion as to whether data has been resubmitted to the database by the control. Sign up using Email and Password.

If you specify one or more valid Flash expressions, Flash executes the expressions.

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