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Cinetech- Complete Hardware Parts list

Heat the cinteech already with solder and slide the part onto the pad so that it is centered between the three pads. Calmos Technology Calmos Technology. On the other hand. Step 4 Using the iron, or a heated sucker heat one end of the pins until the solder is melted pins in length from the end. Try to keep the solder across the pins as even as possible. Step 2 Grab the part with very fine tweezers. Should take 20 – 40 seconds Be sure that the part is aligned and remove the heat.

Step 4 Keep heating until the solder paste has melted into solder all the way around the part. Try heating both the top and bottom side of the PCB. Continue by flooding the other three rows of pins.


Broadcom Limited Broadcom Limited.

Cinetech – Computer and PC Parts Catalog

Start with the pin at the adjacent corner to the pin already started. VPGproducing the most precise and stable resistors available: A properly soldered joint should have a curved line from the end of the pad to the top of the part as shown in the pictures. If this is not cientech then tin foil can be used to shield the regular components. Step 1 Set the part on the board and line it up as it would be soldered. Step 2 Grab the 8 pin SOP part with very fine tweezers. Fox Electronics Fox Electronics.

Pico Electronics Pico Electronics Harris Corporation Harris Cinetdch. Step 1 Place a small amount of solder on one of the two pads.

Insert the screwdriver under that side and pry up until cknetech pins are off the PCB and out of the solder. The following instructions are for a heat gun only.

Make sure the pliers are not bare metal or they will get too hot to handle when heating. Golledge Electronics Golledge Electronics. Method 1 – Pin by pin Used for: Step 5 Suck the solder off the pads ready for the new part.

Inspect around the edges of the part for solder bridges from pad to pad. Desoldering SMD Special methods for desoldering without the need for special soldering iron tips. Sensitron Semiconductor Sensitron Semiconductor.

It therefore cinettech with other technologies that feature high precision, such as wire wound or bulk metal foil. In most cases the SMD component is destroyed.


Cinetech Computer Hardware Part Catalog

See datasheet for details. Using the heat gun, apply heat to the part by holding the heat gun 8cm 3′ away from the board. Without needing the oil baths that conventional standard resistors require, national standard institutes and local calibration laboratories in Japan use our standard resistors both for primary and secondary standards.

Take note and or mark the PCB so that you will be able to correctly place the part when heating. These ultra-precision resistors are based on the planar construction of a cold-rolled Ni-Cr foil bonded to a flat ceramic substrate. Do not hesitate contacting: Use needle-nose pliers to hold the part in place while heating.

1,5 – Продукция – РКС КОМПОНЕНТЫ

Step 4 Solder the other side of the part. They provide the lowest available TCR of 0. International Semiconductor International Semiconductor. Sagami Elec Sagami Elec. Solitron Devices Solitron Devices. Do not use the end of the tip or solder will flow from pin to pin.

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