Editorial Reviews. Review. “This is a dark, gritty story that will grab you by the throat and not let Circle of Desire (The Circle Series) – Kindle edition by Carla Swafford. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Posts about Circle of Desire written by Carla Swafford. Read “Circle of Desire The Circle Series” by Carla Swafford with Rakuten Kobo. She Knew How To Fight But Not To Love As the top assassin at The Circle.

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The characters were interesting and the relationship between the Hero and Heroine really hooked me. New author Carla Swafford has done a great job in creating super secret agencies.

I was a little worried when I started Circle I overlooked that this was the second book in a series when I requested it, but the summary just made it sound like sexy ot so I had no regrets. Olivia is one of the head assissians in The Circle.

I like that there were a few good twists and turns that made sense and added to the story. With me so far? Or should I just enjoy it for the action, mystery, and sexy times? It was fun and engaging to always be held in that suspense of what would happen next.

So you can see, can you not, that we basically have an excuse for sex scene after sex scene. Their love was tested in the worst way possible. I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

For her, sex is merely a physical activity which relieves the tension which a stalking and killing mission builds up. The unease of both of them, not sure who to trust, and the quips between them both, was very entertaining. Previously published by HarperColliins, Avon Red Overall rating No ratings yet 0. I thought you might like to see my answer. There was definitely a lot going on in this book – lots of backstory and characters, and it did get a bit confusing at times.


The Circle Series

I hope that they all get their own story. Lately, there has been a debate of rather or not the word heroine is outdated. I enjoyed reading Ryker and Marie’s story. Like I said, This one is more like 3. Although i did fine that if there wasnt any action going on that thel slow parts really were slow. Ryker has always had a soft spot for Marie since she came 2nd book in series. But he was generally kind to anyone who deserved it, including Olivia.

So the book has […].

The characters are well developed as well as the plot. Ryker has always had a soft spot for Marie since she came into the Circle at 9 yrs old. He’s already killed to protect her from one madman, and he may have to do it again. The author dealt with a very difficult subject—the sexual abuse of a girl and how it would translate into adulthood. Entertainment Weekly magazine had an interesting article this week.

I have a soft spot for him. Although I would have liked to have seen her more in action. I felt for her and all the horrible hardships of her childhood and the continued hardships and betrayals of her present life.

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Feeling sorry for herself wouldn’t solve a damn desiire. Overall, this was a great romantic suspense debut!! Great action packed romance! She had no problems performing her duties and going after her targets but deep down she was just a young woman who wanted to feel loved.


The Circle Series by Carla Swafford

The handcuffs rattled and began to cut into her wrists. Great faced paced story that will definately re-read again and will recommend to others.

Other books in the series. Now Marie has been kidnapped and injected with Blossom Flower a drug to increase libido in women to a crazy point.

This will carry forward the story of the Circle and its operatives. The adventure begins on their quest to find the wizard and is a nonstop roller coaster ride of betrayals, car chases, international travel, uneasy alliances, steamy sex at the most awkward times, and the forging of intimacy between two people that were destined to be together.

The character of Olivia was interesting. She grew up as an orphan, sexual assaulted by her uncle and then terrorized and sexually abused by the Theo, leader of the Circle. I only got mad once at a twist in the story It was a sad moment for many including myself. Collin really tries hard to stay away from Olivia, but she gets under his skin like nobody ever did. This is one I thought swaffprd interesting: Circle of Desire 1 4 Jun 28, Not only that, but her inexperience out in the field was another problem.

The more time they were spending together the more they grew has swafforx. Olivia is determined to escape at first chance.

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