FOR WHOM. In compliance with the requirements laid down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, individuals intending to provide any financial advisory. CMFAS M5 Exam Guide. Your CMFAS Guide to Rules and Regulations on Financial Advisory Services. Test your M5 Knowledge. The CMFAS Examinations are the licensing examinations for the capital markets and financial advisory services in Singapore. After successfully completing the.

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Doing some practice papers will certainly help. Chapter 8 – Money Laundering. Selling a HDB Flat.

David’s Investment Journey: Passed CMFAS M5 exam.

Documentation And Record Keeping A financial adviser is required to furnish the following documents to a client when making a recommendation: Hi David, I am taking the M5 paper in 2 weeks. Disclosure of Certain Interests in Securities The financial adviser has a duty to disclose potential and actual conflict of interest to his clients or prospects.

The cost of the questions are well worth the money spent. Objectives of MAS Conduct monetary policy; manage the official foreign reserves and the issuance of government securities Supervise and develop the financial sector Acts Administered by MAS: How to upgrade to 5th Edition.

Anonymous March 25, at Changes to the RES Exam format. Remuneration Of The Financial Adviser a. Because Guidelines set out general guidance and good practice, they do not create any legally enforceable obligations or duties.


The general standards which a financial adviser is expected to meet in all product information disclosures and information given to clients are as follows: It’s definitely nothing as difficult compared to the rest which can be very technical e.

The other good thing is that you can test your CMFAS knowledge and prepare for the exam via the exam library, which contains free-to-try exam questions.

Install and administer Active Directory. Installing and Configuring Servers Chapter 2: Itw ould be really helpful. Would be great if u could send me mock paper for module 5 at kluhariwal gmail. Know Your Client The following information should be collected from the client: Where the amount of remuneration, commission fee or benefit is not quantifiable, a financial adviser should furnish its client with a description of how it will be remunerated.

M5 is pretty manageable! Can kindly send to me too at lionelow gmail.

Really need M5 mock papers. Anonymous November 7, at 9: MAS Acts and Regulations. Cmfass Home About Me. No mark will be awarded cmfad deducted for any wrong or blank answer.

Like us on facebook. Important Forum Advisory Note. Hey David, i going to take M5, is it possible to send me the notes and mock exam paper? Hi David I am also taking the test. Financial Advisers Act and Financial Advisers Regulation Financial Advisers Act FAA governs financial advisory activities in respect of investment products, and the distribution or marketing of life policies and collective investment schemes, such as unit trusts consolidates various Acts into a single legislation provides a consistent set of requirements and regulations for intermediaries engaging in similar activities across investment products provides an integrated regulatory framework and ensures consistency in requirements and uniform standards across institutions providing financial advice.


Hi David,sorry to trouble you,but If you still have the m5 mock test sample,can kindly send to me josette19 msn. Anonymous September 5, at No education background in econs, was in IT all along.

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HardwareZone Forum Insider on Cmfxs. Configure Server Roles and Features Chapter 5: Section 24 3 provides that no financial adviser shall grant unsecured advance, unsecured loan or unsecured credit facility to: For me, that was the icing on the cake. Module 7 – Futures Products and Analysis. Pls help by sending if possible.

A financial adviser shall submit to the MAS, not later than 14 days after the end of each quarter, reports of any disciplinary action taken against its representatives for misconduct including formal warnings cmafs to the representatives during the preceding quarter: One mark will be awarded for each correct answer.

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