All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The word .. purpose and a comparison between the CQM1H and the CQM1. Section 2. 1. V4+. Voltage pin, input 4. 2. V Common pin, input 4. 3. V3+. Voltage pin, input 3. 4. V Common pin, input 3. 5. V2+. Voltage pin, input 2. 6. V Common . View and Download Omron CQM1 operation manual online. Programmable Controllers. CQM1 Controller pdf manual download. Also for: Sysmac cqm1.

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Consecutive two output words are allocated to the Analog Output Unit. Page Glossary Programmable Controller A computerized device that can accept inputs from external devices and gener- ate outputs to external devices according to a program held in memory.

Lit when there is a transmission error. Required countermeasures will vary depending on the cwm1 connected to the control panel, wiring, the config- uration of the system, and other conditions. Repeat the the IOTC —— instruc- setting. Page The ON point will be automatically set at the maximum value of the stable sensing distance. If bit 15 is set to 1, the data conversion cm1 the Analog Output Unit may take longer. The CQM1 will not operate properly if the function codes manjal the program are assigned incorrectly.

Omron CQM1 Operation Manual

Caution The operating environment of the PC System can have a large effect manial the longevity and reliability of the system. Words from are allocated for input and words from Compliance With Ec Directives Bleeder resistor: Save program Writes all or part of the user program developed in the system work area to the data disk. If the user needs to select direct OUT refresh method, take the following into consideration. Glossary nonfatal error A hardware or software error that produces a warning but does not stop the PC from operating.


Page 45 Wiring and Connections Section The dielectric strength of the manhal generally needs to be between and V. At the connec- tor on the CQM1 side, wrap aluminum tape around the twisted wire as shown in the illustration, and secure the wire to the hood. Cylindrical Sensors Use the following tightening torque when attaching a sensor with a set screw: Note The number of points includes the CPU internal 16 input points one word.

Conformance to EC Directives When switching a load vqm1 a high inrush current, such as an incandescent lamp, suppress the inrush current as shown below.

Page Bits 11 to 14 of the output data have nothing to do with output current i. Scaling Therefore, if the Unit is operated with the factory-set scaling values with an input range from 4 to 20 mA, an input of 4 mA will be regarded as and an input of 20 mA will be regarded as The asterisks in the displays shown below will be replaced with numeric data, normally an address, in the actual display.

Section Commands and Responses Response If the correct command code is set to the output word, the command code or parameter is set to the input word as a response. The Appendices provide the specifications, block diagram, data processing timing, and troubleshoot- ing for the Units.

Glossary Completion Flag A flag used with a timer or counter that turns ON when the timer kanual timed out or the counter has reached its set value. Move the object to the position where you want to turn ON the output and press the teaching button.

Press the Up Arrow Key to delete the specified instruction. Don’t have an account? Repeat step 2 up to 6 times to display the next addresses to be monitored.


Page — in BCD is written, the voltage of the monitor output will be —9. Most of the names of these products end with the word Unit.

In order to improve the electromagnetic compatibility EMCconnect the LG terminal to the screw on the end plate using the supplied DIN-track con- necting cable. The size of terminal screw differs for the Master and Slave.

Does not apply to Programming Console. Page Glossary response format A format specifying the data required in a response to a data transmission. Refer to page for details. Refer to Using Operation Control Commands for details on the The current manipulated variable will be monitored. Page Timing signal The Unit requires time to process input and to set data to its input word corresponding to the input.

Note The value set by the previous command will be valid as soon as the next com- mand is acknowledged. While CC00 is set to the output word, the A or A00F and the mamual scaled conversion data will be repeatedly displayed alternately at approxi- mately 0.


If they are not prop- erly locked, desired functionality may not be achieved. Page Glossary nonfatal error A hardware or software error that produces a warning but does not stop the PC from operating.

If the CQM1 is not turned on, turn it on for at least one minute and then turn it off. Strip the vinyl insulation off all the connection cords 12 mm from the ends for the receiver and projector terminals and expose each conductor 6 mm from the end of the conductor.

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