call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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The default is to have no consumer name specified.

Either control references to these related objects carefully or explicitly close connections in order to ensure sufficient resources are available. If the statement is a query, the cursor is returned as a convenience to the caller so it can be used directly as an iterator over the rows in the cursor ; otherwise, None is returned. Support was added for accessing sharded databases via sharding keys new in Oracle This is False in all cases unless Oracle Database This read-only attribute returns a list of the attributes that make up the object type.

Thanks also to the many people who also provided patches.

Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

This read-write attribute specifies a method called for dofumentation value that is bound to a statement executed on the cursor and overrides the attribute with the same name on the connection if specified.

Added optional parameter externalauth to SessionPool which enables wallet based or other external authentication mechanisms to be documentatioj. Retrieve the DML row counts after a call to executemany with arraydmlrowcounts enabled. This parameter can make a huge difference with the length of time taken to prepare statements. The statement is managed in the same way as the execute method manages it.


Ensure that sessions are released to the pool when calling connection. They should give the user a fairly good idea of what went wrong, though. They are special constants used in advanced queuing. Added support for a new keyword parameter called twophase on connections. Prevent segfault under load when the attempt to create an error fails. They are possible values for the visibility attribute of the dequeue options object.

In this case an ORA is returned and the connection will no longer be usable. This type object is used to describe columns in a database that contain binary data. This can be used before a call to execute to define the statement that will be executed.

Object Type Objects — cx_Oracle documentation

By default no false positive notifications will be generated. Added support for setting the maximum lifetime of pool connections available in Oracle This read-only attribute specifies the state of the message at the time of the dequeue.

Sharing means that a thread may use a resource without wrapping it using a mutex documentatipn to implement resource locking. The full release notes show the other new features and changes.

This is also the default value. Upon exit the transaction is either rolled back or committed depending on whether documwntation exception took place or not.

Added support for a new keyword parameter called threaded on connections and session pools. Added module level method makedsn which creates a data source name given the host, port and SID. Added support for getting the contents of a SQL collection object as a dictionary, where the keys are the indices of the collection and the values are the elements of the collection.

See the Oracle documentation and the provided sample for more information. Return a new subscription object that receives notifications for events that take place in the database that match the given parameters. False positive notifications may be received. Added workaround for Oracle bug which returns an invalid handle when the prepare call fails.


This constant is cocumentation to specify that a database change has taken place on a table registered with the Subscription. This was done to improve the performance of scripts that execute one statement many times.

Note If you plan to use callfunc then be aware that the first parameter in the list refers to the return value of the function. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is destroyed or closed.

The documentafion and supershardingkey parameters, if specified, are expected to be a sequence of values which will be used to identify the database focumentation to connect to. For small values of callTimeout, the connection cleanup may not complete successfully within the additional callTimeout period. This read-only attribute returns the name of the user which established the connection to the database. Attempts to release statements or free LOBs after the connection has been closed by, for example, killing the session are now prevented.

It then waits for only local active transactions to complete. This constant is used to specify that dequeue should perform its work cx_oraclr part of an independent transaction. Prevent use of NaN with Oracle numbers since it produces corrupt data issue

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