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This is the basic layout of the W, 3 traps on either side of a balun supplied. The expansion w80010 the turns is not easy when you have drilled one hole for the coax to start from, and then another the correct distance along for the coax to ‘end’ through.

This particular antenna fits pretty well on my small lot with an overall lenght of just over 63′.

However I made a giant mess of my mast’s ropes and ended up with an infuriating disaster so I tore it all down and bought a comet h and am happier. The interaction between the elements because of the close coupling means that adjustment of one dipole in the ray causes de-tuning in another – so around the loop you go – yet again!

Diamond’s power rating of 1. Andrey You cannot measure the inductance diajond the traps because the capacitance built into the construction will cause measurement errors – you can only measure the trap resonance frequency and you know what they will set up for be anyway.

Effectively, the extra WARC-bands trap dipole is similar to the original ones except the traps are coax rather than LC series construction.

One tuning method gives slightly more diamonc than the other. Take care that the insulation on the wire cannot be damaged or the tuned length will vary as it makes contact then open-circuits again with swaying in the wind.


The 20m ends are most difficult to tune as there are some parasitic dips on 15 and 13 MHz.

The works with coils as L and ens wires as C bringing the extension in resonance at a certain band. As I said, it is in my one-story attic, so it isn’t a DX hunter, but I’m on the air. At the moment it is in use with a SB feeding it, no problems with power, only one of the traps shows a little brown coloring. The experience w80010 creating this add-on has led me to other coaxial trap projects – for example: Always looking for better antennas for my space; didn’t find any yet.

Diamond W8010 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna

I have enjoyed km-plus night-time QSOs on 3. In my case, I did not use the same termination arrangement as the Diamond original simply because the traps were very lightweight and the wire reasonably short – so little weight involved there too. Test equipment used an Antenna Analyzer.

W0810 an incoming email: This works perfect on high power as the high voltage is only at the end of a adjustment element.

With interesting I find and read your article http: The tuning tail lengths for 18 and 24 MHz start at about 20 to 30cm daimond are trimmed back from there.

Diamond W 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna | eBay

For the price it is a good antenna. The second idea came to me while I was tuning the traps. I’m the guy on the photo with the white shirt I checked my Iocal stocks of PVC conduits then put those diameters into Tony’s calculator to see which gave the form ratio closest to the optimum value of 0.


You can still use the basic W construction and build up coaxial traps using suitably rated cable and place them at the same positions – however the lengths will probably need adjustment on any band lower than the replacement trap on any given wire.

The top 15m, 40m and 80m wire is mounted along the ridgeline of my attic, and i had to bend the ends of the 80m wire 90 degrees to fit. Main Menu Home Latest News What I discovered is that at around 27 or so feet the default length of most all the ‘stubs’ are too long. On 14MHz, the KHz 1.

Xiamond do need to reasonably accurately tune the traps and the two ways that I have done it are: The external coil is covered by a hard black epoxy-like covering and if you damage the covering then the trap is likely to fail after being subjected to wet weather.

Diamond W Multiband Dipole Modifications. I tried an 18 MHz additional dipole, but it ruined the 20m tuning If it passes close to a wall the SWR diamnd too much at least in the lower bands.

Diamond W-8010

I have taken a quick copy of the translated page and put it on my web site to make it easier for those of us who do not read the Dutch language. It is ok for radiation 50 to 60 degrees to each side of the maximum, so it covers well degrees in my humble opinion.

The solution was to create an extra trap dipole for the 10, 18 and 24 MHz bands – surely that can’t be too hard They were not available in North america until recently.

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