Get the latest information from Consumer Reports to help you shop for a Amway eSpring , including user reviews and a list of features. eSpringTM delivers the confidence of clean water with this effective, easy-to-use home water treatment system. Its patented, innovative technology delivers. Are you drinking enough water? How many glasses of water do you actually need to drink each day? eSpring Experience app will not only schedule the time .

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Please focus on the product performance and quality.

eSpring Water Treatment System | Amway Malaysia

Sign In or Register. It is not recommended, as it will prevent proper heat diffusion from the unit. In general, any broad claims a carbon filter marketer makes about inorganic compound removal should be questioned.

An increase in water pH — which occurs during the eSpring purification process — can also cause minerals to precipitate. The primary cause for white particles in treated water is water hardness. This pH shift is well within the acceptable range for drinking water.

Chlorine is one of the few exceptions to the carbon-based rule. Your trust is our top concern. Welcome to Consumer Reports. Activated carbon readily bonds to and adsorbs many organic carbon-based compounds such as pesticides and herbicides.

After changed the new one, I starter to understand that previously I didn’t lock it well which caused to the error beep sound. Calcium and magnesium, the water hardness minerals, become less soluble as temperatures increase. To maintain the performance claimed and documented by AMWAY, the cartridge must be changed every year — regardless of the amount of water treated.

Are there any other reasons to run the unit for 30 seconds after periods of inactivity? These layers gradually build up inward, and when the layers reach the core of the filter, the filter must be discarded.


Can the life of a Carbon Filter be extended by backflushing to rinse out contaminants? I do agree that the replacement filter might be a bit expensive but when we do the maths on how much water we get out of the life of a filter, then we realize all the savings. When water comes in contact with the activated carbon, chemicals and particulates are trapped in the pores.

Feb Best Water Purifier Ever. Why does a newly-installed filter discharge treated water that contain black particles? High temperatures will reduce filter efficiency and may also cause the structural integrity of the unit to be compromised. At first I thought this expensive luxury water filter was just an expensive advertisement junkpile, but after several years of using it since I think it was back then I bought it, almost like buying a BMW luxury sports car equivalent, I have to say that this marvellous invention in the long run would save you a lot of medical bills in doctor visits, seeing that I am relying on healthy foods besides clean bacteria-free tapwater to keep me fit and healthy in my middle age, and also besides walking exercise to burn off sugar calories excess weight baggage.

Water filters

To prevent treated water from becoming contaminated, store in a clean container with a tight-fitting lid. To the extent that we cannot drink water straight from the tap any longer. Meri asked on Nov 21, This has been the best investment I have made in my household and for my family in many years.

If only one person uses the system, can it go amwway than one year without carbon filter replacement? We have used it everyday for more than seven years and it is still excellent.

Also you dont need to join the business to get the product, even though its worth your while to Although fairly long, had to cut it in half so that I can use the spare half for future use. Will oil and smoke in the kitchen cause any damage to the system?



I do, however, have issues with the mechanics of the unit. Brand Manager for Amway eSpring? Due to hygiene purpose, the tubing is recommended to be replaced every 2 years. We recommend that the customer use the under-counter mounting ameay, if possible. From that moment, it gave me no issue.

After looking at all the options available we settled on the extraordinary quality of the eSpring. This means that contaminants are dispersed evenly throughout the filter. Get a low tech filter. The spring loaded tap fitting broke within a few weeks of installation. You no longer have digital access to ratings and reviews. The eSpring Water Treatment System destroys more than We have read a lot of good reviews for this filter but thought we should advise that our experience has been anything but good.

This only occurs in hard water. Transition Pores remove medium-sized compounds with atomic mass around units, such as pesticides.

eSpring™ Water Purifier | Amway Philippines Site

It has been a year since I installed my eSpring Water Treatment System, and the flow rate has not declined. Consumer Reports is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers.

We complained immediately after purchase and were given a replacement filter but 18 months down the track and on our 3rd filter the horrible taste is still there.

The flow of filtered water is activated manually and should, according to the manufacturer, cause the automatic shut off to self-retract once the flow of filtered water stops.

Please try again, in a moment.

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