FRACTURAS de la MUÑECA • 1° comunicación de Colles () reportaba buenos variability common • Common schemes • Eponymic: Colles, Smith, etc. TRATAMIENTO REDUCCIÓN e INMOVILIZACIÓN ENYESADA. Colles’ fx, Low energy, dorsally displaced, extra-articular fx. Smith’s fx, Low energy, volar displaced, extra-articular fx >5mm radial shortening; comminuted and displaced extra-articular fxs (Smith’s fx); progressive loss .. clinical photograph of the affected wrist is shown in Figure E. Which of the following. Sessenta radiografias (anteroposterior e de perfil) de pacientes com fraturas do rádio distal foram . Starting more than a century ago, Colles, Smith, Barton.

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This demonstrated that the degree of expertise did not influence the results, since an increased kappa would be expected when excluding the less experienced evaluators. This medication is given in an effort to decrease the incidence of which of the following?

Carlos Eduardo da Frathra Franciozi.

At time 2, the highest agreement was obtained between OHS and R3 0. In the other studies, 12,16,22 expertise played a modifying role in relation to intraobserver reproducibility. Drobetz H, Kutscha-Lissberg E. The fracture was an open fracture type 1 with a small wound on the volar aspect of the distal ulna.

Trimalleolar fracture Bimalleolar fracture Pott’s fracture.


Barton’s fracture – Wikipedia

It is one of the most complete ratings available, but its intra and interobserver reproducibility has been a problem when evaluating groups and subgroups. Three weeks later, at the second evaluation time T2 rfatura, the initial x-ray order was randomly changed to generate a new sequence.

On the radiographs, the mean values in relation to the unfractured side were Assessment of instability factors in adult distal radius fractures. Treatment depends on the type of fracture, stability and ability to successfully reduce the fracture.

Barton’s fracture

Annex 1 Rate how well you were able to do the following activities last week by circling the appropriate response below: Consistency of AO fracture classification for the distal radius. Effect of radial shortening on muscle length and moment arms of the wrist flexors and extensors.

Clinical Epidemiology of Orthopedic Trauma. D ICD – She complains of tratura pain and deformity. This type of fixation will allow early range of motion and she is doing great 3 days Post-op!

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Osteosynthesis of distal radial fractures with a volar locking screw plate system. Sao Paulo Med J. Volar fixation for dorsally displaced fractures of the distal radius: A clinical and statistical study of end results. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted to correlate objective and subjective clinical evaluations with radiographic results, among patients undergoing osteosynthesis of the distal extremity of the radius using a T-shaped fixed-angle locked plate of thickness 2.


Fractures that lost their reduction during nonsurgical treatment consisting of plaster-cast immobilization also underwent fixation. Bumper fracture Segond fracture Gosselin fracture Toddler’s fracture Pilon fracture Plafond fracture Tillaux fracture.

The agreement rates observed in the present study show that currently there is still no classification method that is fully reproducible.

Distal Radius Fractures

Among the operated fractures, 34 were extra-articular. Jindabyne, New South Wales. All the patients underwent a physical examination that consisted of measuring their range of motion using a goniometer and their grip strength with a dynamometer Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer SH, Saehan Corporation.

Thus, the sample size was reduced to 90 fractures. Biomechanical studies have shown that fractures fixed using locked plates have greater stability than either dorsal or volar non-locked plates. The patient is neurovascular intact. In the physical examinations on the patients, the mean mobility observed in the affected wrist and the percentages in relation to the unaffected limb were: Thus, df of the patients who underwent operations, 64 satisfied the inclusion criteria and formed part of the study group.

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