W. Frąckowiak, M. Lewandowski, Wzrost zewnętrzny przedsiębiorstwa. Teoria i praktyka [in:] W. Frąckowiak (ed.), Fuzje i przejęcia, PWE, Warszawa , pp. Frąckowiak W., „Fuzje i przejęcia przedsiębiorstw”, PWE , pp. 4. Jajuga K., Jajuga T. „Inwestycje”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa , pp. Chakrabarti, Hauschildt, Sueverkruep, Does it pay to acquire technological firm [in]R&D Management, nr Frąckowiak W. (edited) Fuzje i przejęcia.

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Managerial decisions and long-term stock price performance. Oxford University Press, New York IFC Press, Warszawa Capital market response to environmental performance in developing countries. Operating performance following open market share repurchase announcements. Common risk factors in the returns on stock and bonds. Readings in mergers and acqusitions.

Operating performance and the method of payment in takeovers. Takeovers, shareholder returns, and the theory of the firm. Knight, raiders and targets: Ustawa z dnia The book consists of six chapters. Strategic blocking, arbitrageurs and the division of the takeover gains.

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Table 2 from Leveraged Buyouts in Poland * – Semantic Scholar

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Leveraged Buyouts in Poland *

Managerial ownership, method of payments for acquisitions, and executive job retention. Long run return anomalies and book-to-market effect: A comparison of performance measures and benchmarks.

Regulation, taxes and the market for corporate control in Belgium. The measurement of corporate performance on cashflow basis: Takeover activity, CEO turnover, and the market for corporate control.

Table 3 from Leveraged Buyouts in Poland * – Semantic Scholar

Measuring the efficiency of decision making units. Uwarunkowania rozwoju w Polsce. WIG Press, Warszawa Price performance of common stock new issues. Frckodiak of Chicago Press, Chicago Tender offers and stockholder returns.

WE nr L z dnia Foreign acquisitions by UK limited companies: At the end, the author presents the results of her own research study into acquisition announcements on the Polish capital market.


Anderson C, Mandelker G.: Markup pricing in mergers and acquisitions. National Bureau of Economic Research, www. The findings are similar. London Business School Inst. Corporate diversification and firm performance: Means of payment in takeovers: An analysis of monthly fuzjf. The short-run market abnormal return is positive for acquired firms and negative for the acquiring ones.

DzU nr 94, poz. The evidence leads to the conclusion that a positive reaction of investors to acquisition announcement frckowiai the Polish market is similar to the reaction of investors on developed markets, and results in a positive abnormal return for shareholders of acquired firms.

Operating performance in leveraged buyouts:

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