Geo Places v4 is a great WordPress Theme for create a city directory, list out the best places, add reviews and rating, show locations through Google maps. upgrade to see different pins on the map, like the geo places templatic theme? This theme uses the standard WordPress search function, so all the plugins . 4. I’m also looking into this as well, but currently not an option. 4 Tháng Chín Create & manage your out of the box city directory website easily in WordPress. Turns your WordPress install into a strategically built city portal.

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March 13, at 5: March 28, at I understand why you feel disappointed but keep in mind that everyone had features that they wanted to see, including me. March 26, at 3: August 25, at 2: June 30, at This theme just showing the guidw meta if shared to facebook.

May 26, at 3: I try already the post name and the bullet security plugin works. You would have to customize most of geoplacces css code to make it work with Arabic.


GeoPlaces v4 – create an even better city guide with WordPress

Surely there is a proximity search function, to allow you to find e. April 11, at During that time almost topics were created and theke submitted that resulted in hundreds of various bug fixes and improvements.

Or bring the place tags below, because on top it looks untidy. For instance, Peddler Village has an event on the demo. Can you guys please suggest or give me any idea about powerful solution or software to complete like that type of projects.

Geo Places

The image is actually x px in size and it take the site to load Very Slow. You can do this while adding the city. In case you ever run into problems or have questions about settings, our skilled staff will be there to help at Helpdesk.

March 8, at March 2, at 3: For me, with all due respect, those who worked on the design coarsedoes not see well. February 28, at 7: While not impossible, it was far from convenient or easy.

July 16, at May 3, at 3: Is it possible to link back to the Peddler Village page on the demo site? I would like to add the plugin bulletproof security.


T-evolution – WordPress Plugin From Templatic Theme Club – WebGuide4U

March 13, at 8: Is there a way to put these javascript request to a minimal? Some little problem here: Category page control Choose what info is shown on category pages categories, views, comment count, etc.

This can be a charge for places business listings or event listings on your website. In T-evolution you can create as many post types as you want!

A nice collection is available here. Full email control Edit and manage all emails sent by the theme. If you want these answers of mine to be a bit quicker just hit me an email ; vedran[at]templatic. Also, all the cities are populated with dummy content where addresses and zip codes are probably incorrect.

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