Transhuman Space is, to a significant extent, the setting which defined the ideas about future technology which are used in GURPS 4e, so for. GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for GURPS. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history which Steve Jackson Games published in A new GURPS Ultra-Tech () was one of the tech books published for GURPS 4e GURPS Space is a genre toolkit for creating Science Fiction campaigns using the GURPS Those topics will be covered by the forthcoming books GURPS Vehicles (4e) and GURPS Ultra-Tech (4e) respectively. The rationale for this decision.

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GURPS Ultra-Tech

Okay, we now have official 4e rules for these. Page 1 of Another assumption which you can ignore or not as you please: Oh well, they’ll probably be using HEMP rounds. See also Changing Times for 4e versions of the old book’s designs.

The intention was that by building the game around “real world” units of measurement instead of “rounds” and “hexes”, it would be easier for people using other systems to make use of the information ultratecn the supplements.

Retarded progression usually stems from technological stagnation, often in conjunction with a Dark Age that causes a major decline or fall of civilization.

GURPS Ultra-Tech – Wikipedia

Find More Posts by Langy. These things aren’t a common sight in the TS world that I recall, but I guess they could appear – at least as old tech. Simple pills can regenerate the body in a matter of hours, or grow new cybernetic implants a matter of days. Transhuman Space is, to a significant extent, the setting which defined the ideas about future technology which are used hltratech GURPS 4e, so for practical purposes, we can say that it is, very simply, a TL10 setting.

Molecular nanotechnology is routinely used in manufacturing. GURPS High-Tech — Descriptions and stats for hundreds of kinds of historical weapons and personal armor, vehicles from the stagecoach to modern helicopters, and much more. Instead, they just keep making better ammo!


Some 3rd edition products would ultraech throw in some metric units anywaybecause trying to use two unit systems at the same time always works.

Which said, it may be legally controlled, very hard to find, or plain expensive – and often all three. Some of the early volumes in 4e Magic of course, Space, and Ultratech seem like they were developed without the experience and evolution evident in later books. Just head over to e Advances in micro-turbines and robotics make powered suits feasible, both exoskeletons for civilian and military applications and battlesuits.

Likewise, the portable HyMRI is a new touch – though as it can only image the head, and most work there will be best undertaken under controlled hospital conditions, I can’t seem it appearing much except as incidental furniture in a big ER Gur;s scene. Feasible technology for the TS setting, but maybe unlikely to be common. Likewise, a slightly variant treatment of what TS calls Cellular Rejuvenation with more permanent Partial Amnesia for the failure cases.

Remember, that makes the Leonard program one hundred times bigger and more complex than Joe.

If they hurps available, sonic nauseators might be limited by convention and public opinion – the effects are quite unpleasant, and electrolasers arguably produce more useful results as less-than-lethal weapons – making them rare in practice and reducing their legality rating.

Swarmwear is no longer a standard type, but is a generic potential function of the Aerostat type. I wouldn’t allow much “Species-Specific” Pacifism in TS games – there are too few really distinct species, and too much overlap between them. Though I’d certainly make it less able utlratech heal certain types of damage if it’s destroyed by, say, extreme temperatures, it can’t just knit back togetherand maybe susceptible to disruption by radiation effects.

It can kind of interrupt the flow if you want to play an Exalted -style game full of elaborate stunts. Human brains simply do not vary that much – and in any case, Joe can have Per 18, DX 15, five levels of a point talent, and a lifetime of experience, without apparently changing his complexity one iota.


Broadly, the Ultra-Tech Tiny model equates to the TS short-range communicator, but is lighter and has much less range; the Small model is analogous to the TS medium-range unit, but costs twice as much for slightly less range; the Medium model weighs as much as the TS long-range communicator, costs a lot more, and gives much better range; and the Uotratech and Very Large types hav no counterparts listed. All tasks guprs resolved by rolling three six-sided dicecreating a bell-curve of probability instead of a flat line of equal chance.

This is basically equivalent to the TS MBC round, obviously, but Ultra-Tech has rounds of a given size requiring more doses and affecting smaller areas. Material and power generation technology continues to improve. However, the differences shouldn’t generally be too severe; Ulltratech can choose which to follow as they think best, or just kludge up a compromise. Sean Punch black-and-white pages. On the other hand, in a hard SF setting, if something is intrinsically logical, it really has to be permitted.

Take a look at 44e. Actually, Under Pressure has two analogues. I’d skip the TL10 fusion torch in TS games, though, and mostly have laser and plasma torches run off static power supplies, ships’ reactors, etc.

This book assumes that nanostasis gear includes the required tools to reverse the utlratech, whereas the TS treatment assumed that an ESU was used for the job.

This could be an interesting option is slightly specialised applications – perhaps more for civilians than military types.

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