The revlsed draft sOR (a) p.. dlrchart. which is used as a source of drinkin8 water.e wBt€r whlch m.. slnce the SOR5 () for AsP/Modlfled ASP has. GoMP had constituted a Committee to finalize SOR vide no. /13/ reviewthe SOR by Works/W&P Section of all three g of . subject work for KLTPS as per R & B / GWSSB S.O.R. or based on budgetary offer. Number: , Tender Number: KLTPS/, Tender Prod.

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Cost Saving So of 2014-155 art technology for the treatment will reduce the pollution load in the river, will reduce the water treatment cost. It is possible to retrofit IFAS in the existing aeration tanks thus eliminating additional civil works which will be time consuming and expensive due to the type of soil strata at Dindoli site.

The benefits in qualitative terms are presented below. In this zone, the following 10 Town Planning T. Besides industrial potential, the city has fertile agricultural land irrigated by an intensive canal network. The ward wise population forecast for the Dindoli drainage zone, for the years 20114-15, and is presented in Table Cost Estimates Table Further, as described 201415, the project area is developed in unplanned manner, the projected population by the mathematical formulae will now not be appropriate for the future planning for the development of the area and as such, the population density method for the estimation of future population, as per CPHEEO manual recommendations, has been adopted.

It is further controlled by Koyali Khadi and Mithi Khadi. It gssb also well connected by National Highway No. Type of Sewer Systems Solomon Seyoum 0 Learning objectives Upon completion of this lecture, the participants will be able to differentiate between types of sewer systems and discuss different aspects of.


Life expectancy at birth reflects More information.


In the last two decades, especially during the eighties largescale industries have come up in Surat and its peripheries. It is the More information.

Not required Project Infrastructure Component-wise implementation: More than and Lacs for the year and Service Quality The State of the Art is adopted for collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal system, will prevent the health hazards. After the rise of the port at Bombay, Surat faced a severe blow and its ship building industry also declined. Modern Raw Houses VI: Preparation of detail project report DPR Preparation of Draft Tender Papers Proof checking of all drawings as submitted by the contractor Occasional site visits with a view to guide and interpretation of drawings.

It is expected that proportion of various categories within a ward would generally remain constant over a period of design year. Digester Sludge Mixing Pump House The topography is controlled by gssb river and the gwsdb slope is from north-east to south-west. The city lies at a bend of the Gwdsb Tapi, where its course swerves suddenly from the north-east to south-west. Gwsssb, part of the Page VII.

Existing members of commodity derivatives exchanges More information. Raw and Treated Sewage Characteristics Sr. To the size of states there is a limit.

The oldest and easiest type of wastewater treatment. The irrigation component of Bharat Nirman aims at creation More information.

The topography and availability of land for construction of sewage treatment plant and sewage pumping stations are two major factors in selection of site for sewage disposal facility. The summers are quite hot zor temperatures ranging from C to C. As a part of SMC limits, town planning schemes are being prepared and under implementation. The supervision and third party inspection contract for quality assurance shall be awarded on sanctioning of the respective packages under zor DPR.


Detailed description of all elements of the project activities existing and proposed. Looking at plant configuration, Land availability, its capital cost and energy requirements, the above option is advisable and hence, it is proposed for execution.

Key Values

Name of Ward Area in Sq. As SMC has prepared the town planning schemes, the onward developments shall be as per the development control regulations. For immediate release Press Release No. The revised disposal criteria as specified by the CPHEEO manual, published in the yearalso requires the treatment level of Nutrient removal also.

Secondary Settling Tanks Concentration of these activities combined with residential developments has resulted in considerable expansion of the city limits.

High Rise Flats IV: Name of village Habita ble Area In Ha. Aerated lagoons for the treatment of municipal wastewater Aerated lagoons for the treatment of municipal wastewater General Up to now several new methods of wastewater treatment in rural districts have been applied.

Surat became the most important trade link between India and many other countries and was at the height of prosperity till the rise of Bombay port in the 17th and 18th centuries. However, till date, these areas were not so developed and the population was restricted to certain limits only, in absence of basic infrastructure facilities in the area.

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