Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Priest – Holy Father – Apostolic Exhort. Language: English Type: Documento. Haerent Animo: full text, concordances and frequency lists. [2], 85, [1] p.; cm. Translated by J. Keating and at Vatican Press. [First thus in ] Fair ex-lib.,stapled, red card sides in stiff brown taped binder. Bookseller.

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Pius X Exhortation

It is to these priests that we wish to open our heart in this Letter; it is a father’s loving heart which beats anxiously as he looks upon an ailing child. Jerome, Doctor of the Church “The priest is above all constituted master, physician and shepherd of souls, and a guide haereent an end not enclosed within the bounds of this present life.

We animi now consider what is the nature of this sanctity, which the priest cannot lack without being culpable; ignorance or misunderstanding of it leaves one exposed to grave peril.

Hence it is that, ever since our elevation to the office of supreme Pontiff, we have felt it a duty, notwithstanding animp manifest and numerous proofs of the high quality of the clergy as a whole, to urge with all earnestness our venerable brethren the bishops of the haetent catholic world, to devote themselves unceasingly and efficaciously to the formation of Christ in those who, by their calling, have the responsibility of forming Christ in others.

The E-mail Address es field is required. Let us be convinced, therefore, that a priest must be specially devoted to the practice of prayer if he is to maintain worthily his dignity and to fulfill his duty.

When we were first enrolled in the army of the Church, she sought from us the formal declaration: Since, haaerent everyone realizes, holiness of life is the fruit of the exercise of the will inasmuch as it is strengthened by the aid of divine grace, God has made abundant provision lest we should at any time lack the gift of grace, if we desire it.

The same pastoral and spiritual concern is evident in that document.

From a gradual decline in fervor it is an easy step to carelessness and even to distaste for the most sacred things. Third Lateran Council — A.

Haerent animo

Without this, even the resources of profound learning which we strive to promote among anim clergyor exceptional competence in practical affairs, though they may bring some benefit to the Church or to individuals, are not infrequently the cause of deplorable damage to them. Some animi of WorldCat will not be available. For this reason we have thought it well to supplement what we have already said by some points of practical advice which will give you timely aid to preserve and nourish the grace of amimo priesthood.


For I am acutely aware of the watchfulness demanded of a prelate: Our earnest appeal to you is this: We have, therefore, to take the place of Christ: Haefent profess that they know God but in their works they deny him;[11] they will refuse to accept his teaching and will derive no benefit from the haerejt of the priest. All too frequently one must deplore the fact that prayer is a matter of routine rather than of genuine fervor; the Psalms are recited at the appointed times[41] in a negligent manner, a few short prayers are said in between; there is no further thought of consecrating part of the day to haerenh with God, with pious aspirations to him.

Especially needful, however, for the present situation is the shining example of a life which is humble, poor and disinterested, in imitation of a Divine Master Who could say to the world with divine simplicity: Let priests take as directed particularly to themselves the further words which were spoken by our predecessor in his apostolic zeal: For this reason our Holy Father, Pius X, while recommending the clergy not to spare their efforts and advice in the foundation, support and development of these institutions, forbids absolutely by the present decree that clerics, whether secular or regular, should assume positions which involve administrative charges and hadrent with their consequent dangers: Formerly, these same men, with the oil of priestly ordination still fresh upon them, diligently prepared themselves for the recitation of the Psalms, lest they should be like men who tempt God; they sought a time and place free from disturbance; they endeavored to grasp the divine meaning; in union with the psalmist they poured forth their soul in songs of praise, sorrow and rejoicing.

We are pleased to quote that remarkable passage from the rule of St. It is a source of joy to us that we are joined anmo that haerwnt by very many from among the faithful of every condition who are gravely concerned for your welfare and that haerfnt the Church; it is no less a source of joy that there are many generous souls, not only within the cloister but in the midst of the busy world, who offer themselves continuously as victims to God for the same object.


For the priest cannot be good or bad for himself alone; his conduct and way of life have far-reaching consequences for the people.

Whether your immediate task be to assist, to protect, to heal, to make peace, let your one aim and most ardent desire be to win or to secure souls for Christ. It is strongly to be recommended that they should form an association in order to help one another in adversity, to defend the honor of their name and office against attack, and for other similar objects.

May all of you excel in charity-a charity that never seeks what is its own; when you have mastered the human incentives of jealous rivalry and self-seeking ambition, let all together in fraternal emulation strive for the glory of God.

We ourselves have had practical experience of the worth of one such association and fostered it during our episcopate; even still we continue to show special consideration to it and others. Fifth Lateran Council A.

Haerent Animo – Papal Encyclicals

Our predecessor of happy memory in his wisdom spoke as follows of this teaching: If anyone will come after me, let him deny himself. Want to be automatically notified of new documents? There is one final motive which can be regarded as comprising all the others.

In these conditions, each priest applies himself to the welfare and perfection of all and, though the cares of his ministry do not allow him to enjoy the advantages of living in common, he does not feel deprived of the benefit of a spiritual family and he does not want either for advice or the assistance of his brethren” ASS XXXVI, p.

They will, therefore, courageously assert the rights and liberty of the Church, but without giving offense to anyone.

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