Hi Friends, We are pleased to announce a new build of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition. It is a regularly scheduled maintenance and bugfix. Some time later, I’ve began experimenting with Harbour-C interface and MinGW compiler. I’ve finally realized that my old “dream” could be possible. Create a. Harbour MiniGUI `extended` (MinGW32 bundle). Contribute to Petewg/MgM development by creating an account on GitHub.

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However, I could not stop dreaming about creating a full fledged Windows program eliminating the dark DOS command box. I too had contributed some parts like drawing pie graph, alternative syntax with the valuable guidance of Roberto now Roberto had revamped in a better way! Groups and mailling lists: I would list all the open source software I use in a separate thread for all my requirements. MiniGui Extended For Dummies. I want to publicly thanks to harboru for his brilliant ideas and open minded vision of computer programming science.

It is wonderful to use your Harbour Minigui Library, an open source library for Harbour. Apart from this mouse functionality, the library had so many small utilities like sorting multiple arrays, finding hargour Day of the week mibigui that. Tinggalkan Balasan Batalkan balasan Ketikkan komentar di sini Situs ini menggunakan cookie.


Most of my programs are used in-house. Clipboard object providing the similar functionality. Immediately on compiling my hello world prg, I had commented in the yahoo group from where I had downloaded the 0. We joined that course which was for six months, conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. Mas imammohon maaf saat ini saya memang cenderung fokus untuk mempelajari minigui extended dan berbagai turunannya dalam operating system window dan untuk linux memang saya sudah pelajari tapi belum terlalu fokus.


In the mean time, I had a dream of using GUI in my programming. On one fine day in my life, my search was fruitful.

Marinas | Viva Clipper !

I had found out Harbour from the Oasis site I had already mentioned. Can you believe that this forum had been created in just 2 days time? I had so much of works before hand and I minogui involved in them for about 1 year. There are also a lot of individual web sites where you can obtain useful information on the subject.

So, in addition to the accounting software, I had created order processing and inventory maintenance and integrated the same with the existing project. A multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. And, once I had finished this course in the yearI joined my brother to manage our family business. Windows Library created by Roberto Lopez.

Download – Harbour MiniGUI

Even though it was easy to operate, I could not do any programming. Like Harbour, HMG has forks: I am not listing them to show my talents.


Individual context menu for controls excluding Frame: The Tab control supports the adding of ToolTip to separate page instead to all Tab. Silahkan di lihat minkgui modul helpnya yang dapat di donwload di http: Various sources for Harbour Minigui.

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This is mainly because of the single installation of the whole thing ie. I was, why was?

In my humble opinion, this model fits perfectly with xBasebecause the goal of the original dBase creators was to obtain the maximum power with the minimum programming effort. Untuk window dng harbour saya berani share pengalaman serta sample2 aplikasi yg telah saya bikin dengan minigui extended.

Necessity had driven me to do more and more programming. I read all the messages from various users of the library. Harbour Community in Google Plus. However, I had created software for many of my friends. Harbour download and compile. There are many tiny projects too. The reason was, at that time, computers Harboue were costlier and one cannot take the risk of losing precious data and computers were hargour only by computer professionals.

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