A simple to use application with the short story of Hazrat Essa AS in urdu language. Read more. Additional Information. Updated. April 14, Size. M. Our History – Prophet Jesus (^ISA). Prophet Jesus (^Isa) is cited in the Qur’an many times. Jesus is the son of Mary, who is the daughter of ^Imran, from the. This new book will provide you very noble and fabulous history about the life of Hazrat Essa (AS). The book is full in Urdu language and in PDF Format.

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A hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah d. What is instead written about is the ascetic magician, helped by the Holy Spirit. Some narratives have Jesus and family staying in Egypt up to 12 years. Indeed, after Jesus returns to Earth, eventually, and for some time, all human beings will either become Muslim or die. To him were granted manifest signs and notable evidences, such as the reviving of the dead and the curing of the blind and the leper.

When harat proposed the sin of fornication to Jurayjhe immediately rejected her and sought refuge with God.

First, they terrorizingly went to his small hut and destroyed it. The most common reference to Jesus occurs in the form of Ibn Maryam son of Marysometimes preceded with another title. The blessing that resulted from this great miracle was that all those who ate from it, whether they were handicapped or had a sickness, were all cured.


Regarding the Law of Hisrorythe Quran indicates that Jesus never abolished Jewish laws but rather confirmed them, while making partial abrogations only.


Anointing with olive oil is recommended for Muslims. One becomes a Muslim by believing in the Two Testifications of Faith referred to in Arabic as ash-Shah a dat a n and uttering them with the intention of leaving out blasphemy.

Jesus, considered as a Muslim, will abide by the Islamic teachings. It was covered with a cloth.

Part of the narrative has the infant Jesus defending his mother Mary from the accusation of having given birth without a known husband. They ursu to look at this unusual and extra-ordinary occurrence, and they felt sad that it had happened.

Qasas-ul-Anbiya (Story of Hazrat Isa A.S) by Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri | Lecture # 8 on Pak News

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. When the sun rose, it moved to the right of the cave, and when it set, it passed by the left.

However, the youths stayed steadfast to Islam. Images of Jesus Christ in Islam: Likewise, the faith and belief of those who were already Muslim increased. The duration of his prophetic mission da’wa was three years and three months and three days. The people talked about this miracle. Jesus, peace be upon him, is now alive and present in the second heaven.

PAIGHAM Hazrat Esa AS (Jesus) Aur Maryam AS ka Qisah

The spread of food landed near Prophet Jesus. When Aml i kh a reached him, the king made Aml i kh a feel comfortable and asked him about his story. Jesus was never a Jew, although he was a Semite. Finally the dog raised its front paws to the sky, as if he was making supplication to God. Islamic exegesis affirms the virginal birth of Jesus similarly to the Gospel account and occurring in Bethlehem.


Furthermore, the poor among them became rich. Hadith have played a very important part shaping Jesus’ image among common Muslims, having become further developed when incorporating Hadiths and Tafsirs weaved into great amounts of legendary writings and reports. One of these followers was named Jurayj.

When Mary felt the pains of delivery, she went east of Jerusalem. This prevented their bodies from decaying. The identity of the king is not mentioned while legend suggests Philip the Tetrarch.

He was sent what was an alleviation of what was sent down to Moses in the Torah. As alluded to previously, it is not reported by trustworthy sources that Mary married her cousin Joseph. Esssa one were to look at them, one would be frightened by them and run away.

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