Integral Economics by Professor Ronnie Lessem, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. by Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer. A Summary of: Lessem, R. & Schieffer, A. (). Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society. In this context, Ronnie Lessem’s and Alexander Schieffer’s Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society is a truly fascinating piece of.

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As Ken Wilber is fond of saying, no one can be percent wrong, which obviously entails that inyegral one can be percent right until they have deeply investigated what is right in all traditions.

Book Review: A New Economics of Cultural Cross-Fertilization

The Northern path would, at the stage of Emerging, ask: As the GENE implies, different worlds co-creatively engage with each other. A powerful blueprint for the transformation of the existing mainstream economic model. Prologue; Part 1 Orientation: I believe in the usefulness of broad pictures and I want to commend Lessem and Schieffer for having attempted to hold together so many elements of reality without getting lost in the fine grain.

No map can claim to be a perfect replication of the territory, but what the authors have offered here is very useful.

Review quote ‘fascinating and inspiring overview of past and present alternative economic models. Integral Advantage Professor Ronnie Lessem.

The moral economic core of a path is what allows it to be both coherent and rooted in traditionand open-ended and forward-looking. Integral Economics, as a result, is partly addressed to academics and students in those very schools, who have either realised the error of their ways, or, less dramatically, are curious to explore whether our businesses and communities could be run in a different way.

The Da Vinci Institute is honoured to be included as a participant of this journey of self reflection and discovery. He is also a priest in a French-speaking Orthodox Christian church that merges Oriental and Occidental spiritual paths — a genuinely integral personality in the sense of Lessem and Schieffer, to be sure. Furthermore, over the past years, three international conferences on an Integral Economy for Slovenia, Europe and the World have been taken place.

However, since crises are also opportunities, this may in fact be an auspicious moment. The trouble is, of course, that they are hidden from us.

Integral Economics | Trans4m

What is wrong is the focus on economic growth and efficiency as the sole and exclusive components of economic wisdom. The journey through this vast landscape is both dizzying and exhilarating. While what Nobel Laureate Stiglitz and Serra have to say has merit, and resonates to some degree with our own position, you can see the limits of their reach.

Ideal types, or what Wilber calls guiding generalizations, are notoriously unpopular among self-proclaimed realists and empiricists, who always want to go immediately into the infinite details of each situation.

The ‘villains of the piece’ in relation to this lack of choice are not so much the financial community and governments, though they do have much to answer, but the schools of economics and the business schools, that have created the very social ethos, the philosophical principles, and the mathematical models, that influence events. The originality of each initiative is that it both remains intgral rooted and takes crucial elements from other moral economic cores and other economic wisdom paths.


It is in this inner core, so our argument goes, where we seek initial inspiration. Vandana Shiva, India, Philosopher, environmental activist, eco feminist and author lessrm Economics is unique in that it acknowledges the economic contribution, in theory and practice, of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as well as Europe and America, while highlighting the role played by such social and economic enterprises as Grameen in Economucs, Sekem in Egypt, and Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka not only in lezsem poverty, but also in promoting a dynamic balance between different worlds.

Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer have to be commended for probing into and significantly evolving this unexplored gonnie of Integral Economics, which is an area dreaded by economic in their profession to enter.

By using our website you exonomics to our use of cookies. Should I lesdem that phrase into a registered trademark, I wonder? One must understand that Just Peace is created by the Just Relationship of an individual with others, with other cultures and with other creatures — the larger Whole of which all are a part and thus our economics, Integral Dconomics in the authors’ terms, should pivot around a moral, spiritual core and not around lesaem and power.

Why are we, both in our teaching of economics and in our day-to-day practices hence also in our legal frameworksmarginalizing or even diabolizing non-capitalist, non-patriarchal, commons-oriented ways of working, producing, consuming, and investing?

After the wall street collapse it is time to look for a new paradigm. Leesem reading this book, its contention that economic systems must build on local strengths seems self-evident and logical; but this just goes to show the genius of its authors since before reading it, such a bold, just and sensible economic premise was beyond the realm of possibility.

In Integral Economics, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer pave the way for a sustainable approach to economics, building on the richness of diverse economic approaches from all over the globe. The Southern path would, at the IUS level of the moral economic core, ask: Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. It is a lighthouse for people from all walks of life.

Integral Economics : Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society

Now, having read it and come to the end of this long — but, I hope, useful — review essay, I am inclined to think otherwise. Inntegral integral economy; Co-creating the future. Practical achievements have been published in a widely acclaimed volume on Integral Green Slovenia. Here is how they formulate it:. In other words, you need to uncover the South, East, North and West, metaphorically, not geographically, of your society, while also, and in the process, drawing from these worlds. It will be welcomed by informed senior practitioners, eager to understand the current rethink of economic theory and practice and to discover how to position themselves, their organisations, and their society within a new framework.


Alexander Schieffer studied economics, business administration, law and social sciences at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland. The models Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer have created show how innovation occurs when the ecological, societal, political and cultural spheres are working in balance. The discipline of economics has fallen into a deep crisis, just as humanity is scrambling for a new — and, for the first time perhaps, completely global — worldview that will allow it to address the immense challenges of economic poverty, ecological and human sustainability, and geopolitical peace that the 21st century is sending its way.

Lessem and Schieffer very econoics trace this imperialistic worldview to a powerful process of intellectual and spiritual repression within Euro-American economic thought itself.

This is the grounding axiom of any integral approach. That sounds pretty cool. It is for this very reason, that I recommend this book to everyone participating in the necessary task of renewing economics from the inside eclnomics, in theory and practice.

Book Review: A New Economics of Cultural Cross-Fertilization – Integral Leadership Review

A person walking an authentically Eastern path of economic wisdom will not answer questions coming from the Western path in the same way a person on the Southern or Northern path would.

Economic commons; Grassroots economics; Subsistence economics; The social business; Co-evolutionary economics, Conscious economics; Associative economics; The developmental enterprise; Economics of the common good; Social learning and the network economy; Open economics; The cooperative enterprise; New economics; Real economics; Well-being economics; The sustainable enterprise.

In fact, that NGO puts a lot of energy into showing people in the South and East that they need absolutely not seek to simply emulate or imitate Westerners when it comes to conceptions of development, wealth, or well-being.

Description Why on earth is economics perceived to come in only one or at best two different a-cultural if not a-moral guises? Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of They do so by introducing the most evolved economic perspectives and bringing them into creative dialogue to produce an integral, dynamically balanced approach.

The trouble is, of course, that they are hidden from us. Each tradition has its specificities, and in each case they need to be purified from repressed denials, deeply understood, and integrated into a full-blown path of economic wisdom:

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