Karl Marx has ratings and 69 reviews. William2 said: Excellent biography. Herr Marx was a nasty motherfucker. If you did not agree with him, he vilif. In this magisterial biography of Karl Marx, “likely to be definitive for many years to come” (John Gray, New York Review of Books), historian Jonathan Sperber. This is not a book about how Karl Marx changed the world. It is not about the revolutions and crimes committed in his name in the 20th century.

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Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town. A careful reading of this book may make the reader a little bit more Marxist You know that I have sacrificed my entire fortune in revolutionary struggle. The overarching premise of the book is that supporters of Marx exaggerate his relevance to the 21st and larl centuries, stretching and shrinking his ideas and concepts to boost his relevance, while critics often blame him for later occurrences for which he cannot truly bear responsibility.

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Name should be Anti Marx. He makes us look again at the writings, through nineteenth-century eyes, and gives a vivid account of Marx’s often difficult personal circumstances. Which is why, of course, we remain interested in his life — as brilliantly recounted in this work. They both turned to journalism as a way to make a living, often failing to do so, indeed, sometimes falling into true poverty.

Return to Book Page. The person most closely associated with Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, writes a book arguing that Enlightenment thought led to the concentration camps. Water, Landscape, and the Marz of Modern Germany. Boehm-Bawerk was not contending, as other contemporaries did, that Marx had gotten the transformation problem wrong, but that a transformation from value to prices was conceptually impossible.

Jul 25, Ed rated it really liked it. This is my first book about Karl Marx and the origins of communism. And he succeeds, most of the time; although the detour at the beginning of Section 3, with chapters just analyzing Marx The Political Economist, are a somewhat unnerving departure from the rest of the book, which manages to segue between theoretical Marx and actual Marx with feet of clay.


Karl Marx | W. W. Norton & Company

To meet their unrealistic standards, Sperber would have had to write a book of thousands of pages. He was as close to the FR as today’s young people are to the end of the Cold War. The Party We Need Issue Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. In the s Marx mostly developed as a journalist. As it was, three of their seven children died.

Aug 27, Tony Schmitt rated it it was ok. Engels was especially influential in this regard. I end by returning to the marked similarities in Marx and Benjamin’s life histories. Engels, was supposedly the jerk in social real life.

Deeply researched but highly readable, this is a biography to savor. The frightening question has to arise-what if they had acquired positions in academia? The author further argues that it was not Marx’s fault the revolutions he forecast and prayed for would be seized by the monsters Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. I thought it was very interesting that he saw Engels’s opportunity to edit Marx’s work in the decades following his death, at a time when mass working-class movements were finally actually appearing, as the turning point in Marx being seen as a positivist scientist of history.

Kagl major work, this is likely to be the standard biography of Marx for many years. Well at least as far as Marx is concerned. Follow Telegraph Books on Twitter. A Nineteenth Century Life is not an overall success, it certainly has some merit of originality of approach.

The biography talks about this deep intellectual who spent his life and days reading the news, economics and abstruse philosophy–while the Manifesto is short, pithy, punchy and very easy to read.

It humanizes Marx and places his life and his ideas in his historical context. Overall, I’ve certainly gained a more comprehensive view of Marx, grounded in his own era and looking backwards to the prior one. Would give zero star. Even today an efficient business in London in an established field can nearly always increase profits by opening new markets.


And Sperber again shows the relative anachronism of Marx’s thinking by the s. Is that a satisfying conclusion to what has been an attempt to present Marx as something other than a 20th-century icon? Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. In terms of Marx-studies, Sperber tries to deconstruct the long-standing bifurcation, holy to Marxist philosophers, between Marx’s early thought- the manuscripts- and his most “mature” thought, such as Das Kapital. A well-researched albeit slightly overly academic chronological examination of the life of Karl Marx.

Karl Marx: a Nineteenth-Century Life by Jonathan Sperber – review

I do not regret it. What was most fascinating to me was Sperber’s elaboration of revolution and activism as process. Boehm-Bawerk was honest enough to admit this, but most “neoclassical” economists, as partisans of the marginal utility approach came to be known, were not so open about the fundamental differences in their understanding of economics from that of the iconic pioneers of their discipline.

In other words he was very much the conventional middle-class man. His Life and Environment London, I was curious both to get a better understanding of Marx’s ideas as opposed to Marxism and also to use his biography to get a better idea of what living in the nineteenth century was like. Sperber is convinced that Marx was fundamentally a figure of that period, never escaped the limitations of the mid-nineteenth-century worldview, and has very little to offer to anyone living in later times.

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