Psychosis or Transcendence. Paperback. $ The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence by Lee Sannella ( Paperback. $ case history information based on these questions to Lee Sannella, M. D., Washington. Street, San Francisco, CA 1. Do you hear sounds such as. Lee Sannella. · Rating details · 28 ratings · 3 reviews. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening. Over the years, a.

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But the pathway of the kundalini can be blocked anywhere along its upward trajectory. She expected others to understan exactly what she was speaking about and to accept her wor unquestioningly, and she grew distrustful of anyone who disagree with her interpretations. This was followed by free-floating anxiety and headaches. As Mircea Eliade observed: Once we have accepted a particular model as a faithful reflection of reality, we cease to think of it in terms of a model and instead equate it with reality.

His body is swept by muscle spasms. Then his lower back began to ache severely.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence by Lee Sannella

When oee kundalini encounters these blocks, it works away at them until they are dissolved. Female High School Teacher This middle-aged teacher of Spanish has been practicing Yoga and meditation for many years. I feel in touch with myself and the Source of all things.


It is thought that after one has learned to achieve stillness of mind, hitherto dormant virtues or abilities will manifest themselves. The cleaving of the tongue against the palate is counted among the most secret practices of Yoga. Of course, these are all only metaphors.

Ail of her symptoms have disappeared, even though she continues to meditate.

Rather they are subtle, esoteric phenomena to be experienced and understood only in a meditative state. This woman has never submitted to the discipline of regular meditation, and was also not interested in any help 1 had to offer. Or could it be that those pursuing kundalini arousal in the context of the classical model somehow overdetermine their experiences? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Finally, what does this transformative process mean? All kinds of psychic powers are attributed to yogins who have mastered this technique.

He also felt a sensation of a hole being bored into his forehead. This strange illness lasted less than two months. Until this was possible, I suggested that she temporarily decrease her sensitivity to the kundalini process by discontinuing her periodic fasting and strict vegetarian diet. A year later, Wolfe was hospitalized. He experienced all this activity as if from a distance.

Kundalini Clinic (Lee Sannella)

These flows, he feels, revitalize him and have even cured him of chronic lower back pain. It appears to act of its own volition, spreading through the entire psychophysiological system to effect its transformation.

Leslie Intriago rated it liked it Jul 24, Clearly, the person undergoing this transformative process is likely to attach all inds of significances to it. The reason is that, lacking lwe classical background, they are also unfamiliar with the full kundalini potential as it has been realized by some adepts.

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Lee Sannella Obituary – Petaluma, CA | Petaluma Argus-Courier

Most of her kundalini symptoms ceased after this experience, which was a typical “throat opening. The poltergeist activity first centered on the baby, symbols of the marriage, and sanndlla artifacts. Please try your request again later. Sannela other two were interviewed by a colleague, though I saw one of them briefly as well. Jung called the “inner dialogue. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He would, for instance, smell perfumes during meditation, taste nectar, and ex- perience blisses.

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There is another way of looking at this process: The lower extremities tend to become cold and corpselike. Occasionally it is thought to go even beyond the head. Feb 03, Rebecca Bacino rated it it was amazing.

How are we to understand its curious patterns and phenomena?

That Current, like a monkey, suddenly with one jump reaches the Sahasrara [crown center]. These were alleviated whenever he allowed his body to spontaneously assume various postures.

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