Follow all instructions and adhere to warnings marked on the unit and in the .. MPX ix. Important User Information. Lexicon is pleased to present its user. Lexicon MPX Lexicon MPX dual effects processor (angled view). . The manual rightly points out that, because such complex processing introduces a. View and Download Lexicon MPX user manual online. Lexicon User Guide bit Dual Channel Processor. MPX Computer Hardware pdf manual.

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When Shipping a Product for Service.

Page 45 Single Programs Either may be used. The first is controlled by tempo and generally used to create longer delays and echoes. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Page 17 About the MPX Program Descriptions Single Programs. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Output Level, the first System Mode parameter, will be displayed. The message “Knob 3 to change” will appear at the top of the front panel display to indicate that EDIT knob 3 is now available to adjust tempo. It offers a simple method of setting delay times and modulation rates to match the music.

The printed edition of the user guide is in English only. Lexicon Off, Modern, Vintage. MPX Section 3: Front Panel Overview 3. MPX FLANGE Flange effects were originally created by simultaneously playing back identical programs on two tape recorders, then using hand pressure against the flange of the tape reels to slow down first one machine, then the other. The compressor sits in the wet component of the signal in front of the effects in the loaded program.


Lexicon MPX 550 User Manual

Diese Spannung kann so hoch sein, dass das Risiko eines Stromschlags besteht. The front panel display will indicate the new patch on the control, and “Stored” will appear briefly in the message area. In addition to general instrumental and vocal applications, the Hall programs give separately recorded tracks a sense of belonging to the same performance.

Triangle Linear ramp up and down. See page for more information. In some programs, the “Adjust” parameter controls MstrDly. Bypass MPX 4.

Lexicon MPX User Manual | pages

In Cascade variations, the parameter also varies the amount of the first effect or dry signal fed into the second effect. In Ambience programs, Decay controls the length of the ambience “tail”.

Set the Mix parameter to Wet to achieve the full effect of ,px programs. Continuous Controllers The front panel display will indicate the current patch on the selected control.

The value indicates the maximum output level of the left or right channel, whichever is greater. Dynamics The parameter setting defines the maximum increase in signal level due to expansion. Page 56 Set the Mix parameter to Wet to achieve the full effect of these programs. Page 85 Controls the speed at which the compressor responds when input signals increase above threshold. Chorus effects are also often combined mpc plates, echoes, and other reverb effects.

Slightly higher peaks of longer duration are shown as three graduated bars. Rectified Smooth modulation with no polarity Sine reversal. Programs stored in the User Bank are still available, but cannot be modified.


System Mode System Mode Functions Page 58 “Adjust” parameter determines the delay time. Pour obtenir de plus amples informations sur Lexicon, Inc.

Press the Store button. Non-essential parameters have been removed from the Edit Pages. Do not return the unit to Lexicon, Inc.

Studio Manuals – Lexicon

More information about using this advanced feature with the MPX and other Lexicon products is available at www. The Gate programs provide a fairly constant sound with no decay until the reverb is cut mnual abruptly.

Disabled, the unit ignores Learned Patches, preventing accidental changes. The right most tick mark indicates 0dB or maximum output level. Limited Warranty Do not return the unit to Lexicon, Inc. See Section mwnual for more information about System Mode. MIDI Sysex messages can be used to access all algorithm parameters.

It can be used to match volume levels between the dry, bypassed, and compressed output obtained with typical music material. It is controlled with four Page 41 Disabled, the unit ignores Learned Patches, preventing accidental changes. Page 59 MPX In all delay programs and dual programs, mnaual unit uses the MstrDly parameter to scale delay times that are not controlled by Tempo.

When a delay parameter setting is changed, the graphics pictured below appear.

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