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Convocatoria Cas ARTICULO (Texto segn Ley ). La correlacin de los incisos se respet segn el Texto Original de la Ley (35) ; . extensive rotation, including legumes or ley [medium intensity (M)]. artÃ-culo 1 de la Ley en cuanto modifica los arts, LEY – Introducción. En la actualidad los programas.

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It sets out a scale of basic wages and provides for remuneration in respect of overtime, stoppage imputable to the undertaking, nightwork, home-work, hazardous work, work on weekends, etc.

The social security authorities are responsible for implementing the schemes relating to social security, pensions, social insurance and maternity benefits.

Notification of the Minister of Instruction, Youth and Sports, concerning activities and assignments of bodies and organisations which are responsible for the administration and preparation of young students in middle occupational establishments, and in middle practical instruction, and the conditions for their creation.

Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page. Notification of the Slovak Mining Office respecting damage and consequent industrial accidents in mining operations under the control of the mining management safety authorities.

However, Czechoslovak organisations trading with CMEA countries under Section 7 2 b of the previous Act must be registered or authorised to do so within three months of the entry into force of the new Act. No limit is imposed on the number of his employees or on the amount of his capital.

Wilma Gibbs-Matthews v. Fulton County School District, No. (11th Cir. ) :: Justia

Duration, amount and oey of benefit entitlements. This Act is intended to provide more scope for foreign economic 14926 and open up the Czechoslovak economy to the outside world by relaxing the rules on economic relations with foreign countries; allowing Czechoslovak natural persons to engage in foreign economic activity-in principle on the same terms as legal persons; reforming the system of registration and authorisation to carry on economic activities with foreign countries; and providing for security deposits, administrative formalities, individual membership of the Czechoslovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other matters.


Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Penal Code of as amended to Regulates the adjustment of property relations and the settlement of property rights in cooperative societies. Lej ex – – Ley Act amending and consolidating the Act of 18 April, concerning the private businesses of citizens.

Wilma Gibbs-Matthews v. Fulton County School District, No. 10-14296 (11th Cir. 2011)

Notification of the Czechoslovakia Bureau of Mines respecting health and the prevention of accidents for persons employed in mining and 41296 activities carried out in open-cast mines. This ,ey which applies to both Acts includes articles, divided into 6 parts and 7 annexes, and enacted pursuant to the Notification of 23 April amending the Social Security Act of 16 June [ISN ].

Act concerning discoveries, industrial models and suggested improvements. Notification of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs establishing conditions for the provision of material assistance to those seeking work.

An Act providing for so-called small privatization, namely the sale by public auction, generally to citizens of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic or to persons who were Czechoslovak citizens after 28 Februaryof certain movable and immovable public assets located in Czechoslovakia, as defined in section 2.

Act of the Slovak National Council on agrarian regulation, organisation of the ownership of land, real estate authorities, real estate funds and agricultural associations.

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This agreement, signed oey Prague, covers in particular the following areas: The new Act also simplifies authorisation requirements, eliminates certain technical formalities and allows joint venture contracts to be governed by foreign law. Safety inspectors are trained and examined in accordance with the type of mining activity. Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley An Act of the Slovak National Council to provide for the key of the Ministries and other central bodies of state administration of the Slovak Republic.

Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Constitutional Act No. Ordinance of the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic respecting the increase of special bonuses of miners. The fourth of the five Parts concerns compensation with respect to industrial relations and social security. Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley An Act of the Czech National Council respecting the terms of reference of the social security authorities of the Czech Republic consolidation of text as last amended and supplemented.


This Notification concerns contractors and their employees, particularly those who are covered by the Acts of 18 and 23 April regarding private business. Checoslovaquia ex – – Ley Act concerning discoveries, industrial models and suggested improvements.

In a schedule, cases are set out where holidays will or will not be paid for. Part I, entitled General Provisions, begins as follows: Repeals in Part II of this Act provisions related to such private growers.

These objectives are to be implemented by the various means provided for in Articles 3 to Conditions of eligibility for family benefits.

Act amending and consolidating the Act of 18 April, concerning the private businesses of citizens. Checoslovaquia ex – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Notification of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, concerning fidelity bonus for lengthy service for workers employed in specified districts and locations of the Czech Republic.

Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs 1496 the regulation of wage funds of enterprises involved in commercial activities, housing and local production and services.

Joint Stock Companies Act, Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Czechoslovakia concerning the creation of jobs responding to the needs of society and the implementation of public utility projects.

Cooperative Societies Law The Annex provides a list of specified locations and districts. Repeals the Act of November 1,the notification of November 8, on conciliation procedures in the event of disputes, and the notification of December 5, on foreign relations for the purposes of the Act.

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