1–1. 1. Product Description. The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc and Nc Series offer Section for palm rest removal instructions. If you are removing a. Compaq, Evo, and the Compaq logo are trademarks of Compaq Information . The Compaq Evo Notebook Nc Series offer advanced instructions. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Compaq Evo nc – Notebook PC.

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Page 51 To insert the external battery pack, turn the computer bottom side up. Page 61 In addition, the availability and location of drive bays in the system varies by model and configuration, and the availability, location, and sequencing of PCI slots in a docking base mwnual varies by model and configuration. Hardware and Software Setup 4.

Remove the diskette from the diskette drive. Use a T8 screwdriver to remove screws. External Device Connections External Device Connections External devices can be physically connected to the computer or to a docking base. When the computer restarts after your changes and searches for a startup drive, it will consider only the first drive of each type.

A Look at the Computer Some components, such as the hard drive and the primary battery pack, ship inside computer bays identified in previous sections and are not included in this illustration.

The computer serial port is disabled when the computer is connected to the MEU.

The embedded numeric keypad can be enabled or disabled with in either startup state. Upgrading Memory Your computer comes with random access memory RAM preinstalled in a memory expansion slot under the palm rest.

Connect the computer to an external outlet. A—1 Preparing to Call Technical Support To add a memory board, insert the memory expansion board into the empty memory expansion slot at a degree angle 1, then slide it gently into place until it is seated while tilted. Hardware Guide A Look at the Computer 2— Adjust or mute the system volume. Disabling The Numeric Keypad Keyboard and Pointing Devices Disabling the Numeric Keypad To disable the keypad and return the keys to their standard keyboard functions, press Converting the Numeric Keypad Keys to Standard Keys To use the keypad keys temporarily as standard keys while the keypad is enabled: Insert a straightened paper clip into the manual eject hole and push firmly.


Compaq Evo n400c – Notebook PC Reference Manual

Failure to remove a PC Card that extends beyond the computer before transporting the computer may cause permanent damage to the PC Card connectors. Security selection switch Prevents the removal of the computer from the MEU while the system computer and MEU is docked in a docking base. Before beginning these procedures, make sure you are grounded discharged of static electricity by briefly touching a grounded, unpainted metal object or surface.

Before beginning this procedure, turn off the power to your equipment and remove the battery pack. Contents 1 Getting Started Identifying the Components Releases the display to open the computer.

Using Audio Features The computer provides the following internal and external audio features: Battery Packs Discharge sequence: Connects any one of the following: Index operating external devices 2—7 tabs 1—2 optical drive 3—4 troubleshooting A—1 parallel connector 1—4 undocking 2—4 universal serial bus USB connector 1—4 rear components 1—4 regulatory agency series numbers B—1 warnings right side components 1—2 battery pack safety 3—2 computer misuse 1—9 electrical safety 2—5 security cable slot 1— Left acoustic port Enhances bass sound.

Compaq Evo N400c Hardware Manual

Page left side components 2—8 lights 2—4 2—5 memory compartment cover 2—11 expansion board installation 8—3 removing 8—10 upgrading 8—2 microphone 6—2 connecting 6—3 jack 2—6 6—2 location 2—3 Microsoft logo key 2—3 Mobile Expansion Unit MEUattaching 7—6 8—20 modem adapter 2—14 cable 2—14 connecting 7— Page 28 Troubleshooting Printed information from Janual Diagnostics or a list of the devices and error messages received Configuration settings, including contents of the system manua, The following tables list possible problems, the n40c cause of each problem, and the recommended solutions Drives The computer contains a hard drive compartment that supports only the hard drive and allows you to store and access data.


Slide the left primary battery release latch forward 1. Page 29 Troubleshooting External Device Connection Problems and Solutions Problem Possible Cause Solution A new device is not The signal cable or Ensure that all recognized as part of power cord of the new cables are properly the computer system.

To remove the optional external battery pack, turn the computer bottom side up. The character in the upper right corner of each of the keys indicates the keypad function of compqq key.

To prevent damage to the computer and drive and loss of information, ensure that you are discharged of static electricity before handling a drive.

Turn on the computer by sliding and momentarily holding, then releasing, the power switch 1. Turn off power to the computer, MEU, and all devices. If memory is not working correctly, try the following: Compaq evo notebook amnual series and evo notebook nc series software guide 85 pages.


Computer Upgrades and Add-ons The computer supports several notebook accessories for you to upgrade and add on to your system. Insert the back edge of the battery pack into the battery bay 3.

Got it, continue to print.

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