David Berglas (born 30 July ) is a magician and mentalist. His secret technique of locating The effect was first named “The Berglas Effect” by Jon Racherbaumer in his book At The Table. The British Magical Society is the oldest. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most. In fact, the creation of the legend was a surprise even to David. He has been performing what is now widely known as The Berglas Effect fox.

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Bobby Bernard introduced me and I asked him about the routine 1 had bergllas on the Martin Breese Magicassette. On other occasions, experience has taught him well-known routes along wiiich miracles can be found.

Then he turns the pack around and riffles the opposite end. A part of the conversation is “name any card,” “name any number even if there will be a force of GAP numbersberglax to force exact 1 number is impossible ” and the effect occurs.

The bridge is still there but it’s now almost invisible. Both halves are placed together leaving an enormous bridge in the centre effevt the pack. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Now let’s go through the dinner party scenario again.

What if the spectator names another number, one that the performer does not know in advance? View our magic tricks index. Obviously everything else in-between has to be strong too—in the eyes of dwvid audience they should all be miracles—but the first and last revelations need to be stand-out items.


He handed the cased deck to me. This seemed to me to be the first actual page of reviews about this then you say that they have done a bad review and a review should go like X, Y, Z. He says this statement in a humorous light, but actually states the truth.

He stops the deal after the seventh card, reminds the spectators how extraordinary it would be if the eighth card was indeed an Eight, the Eight of Clubs, and then has it turned over.

First to be revealed is the chosen one. We’ve mentioned earlier that it’s difficult for anyone to deal and count from the bottom of the pack without it looking uncomfortable or suspicious.

Over in a fraction of the time and far less boring and convoluted. I hope that you are beginning to see a picture emerging. Then he’ll say, “Just remind me, what was the card you thought of?

His specialised seminars included personal development, motivation, and memory systems. It was obvious that this couldn’t be the solution when other accounts of the effect began to appear.

Anyone looking for a simple description will not find it here. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. ddavid

I would definitely recommend this book as a must read. I have utterly no idea why this strange psychic feeling is overcoming me.

Simply because using other methods, the spectator who chooses the number cannot be the only person who handles the deck…unless he, daviv is the stooge — or if gimmicked cards are used. Oct 19, Messages: That has to account for something, doesn’t it. Prae Bergla am shocked you haven’t purchased the new Berglas Book.

David Berglas

And since davidd isn’t a Jedi master, regular people can do it too. What weight should they carry vs. He was one of the first magicians to appear on UK television. But a couple of days later Bobby Bernard came rushing up to me and said that David was about to give a demonstration.


The Berglas Effect (Books and DVD) by Richard Kaufman and David Berglas – Book

David uses a fifty-four card pack, including the two Jokers. He immediately says, “Because you’ve chosen an Eight we are going to count eight cards down and the eighth card will be your card. Then he fanned the pack face upwards and said to me “just point out a card, but don’t pre-select one” When I pointed to one he said ‘you actually touched the one next to it but you can have either one you want’ and he dffect this 4 times often reprimanding me thus, “I told you not to pre-select a card.

Surely after one go-through the reader may come to the correct conclusion that this book isn’t for me. The dvd’s show examples of him lining up people and doing effect after effect basically the same effect for the conga line stretched out in back of him.

Dvd 3 has fffect performances of routines and brief explanations on basic moves ex. David Berglas was educated in several different European countries. He fans the deck repeatedly and executes a number of quick moves. If you want hands off, then you need to find a self-working effect. The Berglas effect is not inside this book. If your bag is mentalism, you might find it very interesting.

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