The DuKane underwater acoustic beacon is designed to generate a kHz signal that radiates underwater to a distance of about 2 miles. Works to a depth of . Find great deals for Dukane Underwater Acoustic Beacon DK Battery. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Dukane DK Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dukane DK Technical Manual.

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Disassembly of the beacon is limited to battery replacement, as outlined in Section 6. Dykane DK Series beacon is a battery-operated underwater acoustic pulse generator that is activated when the water switch is immersed in either fresh or salt water.

The beacon must be taken out of service according to the expiration date printed on the beacon case and returned to the factory for service. O-ring, lubricant and battery are provided in battery replacement kit see Figure 19 for battery kit number.

Dukanne a beacon is returned to the customer after warranty service, the remainder of the original warranty will be applied to the returned beacon. This section describes the installation of thebeacon mounting kits and the installation of dk12 Series beacons into these mounts.


Beacon Specifications are case capable of withstanding high-G impact listed on page 6 and 7. Initially beacons must betested at every installation or beacon change. Aircraft lost in deep water, i. When horizontal mounting is used, position beacon with switch end forward. Replace the cover and tighten it until the cover flange contacts the dujane or leaves less than a 0.

Page 20 of 24 N. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

The beacon Figure The beacon is a battery-powered device and installed shelf life duksne affected by higher than normal temperatures. Beacon Specifications Operating Frequency: Do not surround the device with these materials and if necessary, remove small areas of such materials from the immediate vicinity.

See Figures 7 and 8. NOTE The d,120 bracket can be used as a template to mark for drilling the holes prior to the installation of beacon.

Dukane DK Manuals

Rotate the beacon in the mount, so dukaje the markings and beacon replacement date label can be read. The aft mid-section of the aircraft is normally the most desirable location for the beacon, but consideration must be given to environmental conditions outlined in Section 2. See Figures 1 and 2. See Figures 13 and Return Authorization Number See 9.

At or near the expiration date listed on the case, the beacon can be returned to Dukane Corporation for battery change and overhaul to appropriate standards.


Not less than 0. Do not use a steel screwdriver or sharp tool because of d120 of damaging O-ring groove. Not less than 0.

Dukane Underwater Acoustic Beacon DK Battery | eBay

If in doubt, wipe clean with mild detergent. When the beacon is installed on the aircraft, the recommended schedule for beacon cleaning and testing is every 24 months, when the beacon is installed on a recorder and the recorder is installed in accordance with its TSO.


In addition, the customer will be fukane that an analysis fee applies. If in doubt,wipe clean with mild detergentC. When the beacon is returned under warranty, ship to: Insure that proper protection for the beacon is provided i.

Observe the clearances required as shown in Figures 11 and 12, and in established tool and maintenance clearances. Initiallybeacons must be tested at every installation orbattery change.

Make sure that the eukane case and water switch, are free of grease or film. Torque the four nuts to 25 to 30 inch-pounds.

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