A lyrical historical romance for fans of The English Patient Eighteen-year-old Ellen never expected the Hallendorf school to be, well, quite so unusual. After all . Having recently run out of new books to read, I chose to reread one of my old favourites, A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson. The book is set in. A SONG FOR SUMMER By Eva Ibbotson. BOOK JACKET INFORMATION In a fragile world on the brink of World War II, lovely young Englishwoman Ellen Carr .

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Share this page with your friends. This book was the most morally wonky of Ibbotson’s books that I have read so far.

And it’s also pretty great! Not only this, but he is also a world-famous composer. Another of Eva Ibbotson’s charmingly humorous romances, combining her usual elements of Austria, England, quirky minor characters, brave hero and effervescent heroine. This is historical, romantic fluff that feels familiar and cozy, and it is a great little beach read. In the beautiful Austrian countryside Ellen discovers an eccentric world occupied by wild children and even wilder teachers, experimental dancers and a tortoise on wheels.

I really need to try her work. Ibbotson had intended to be a physiologist, but was put off by the amount of animal testing that she would have to do. Not Being able to see, I think not seeing because your obsessed by something that blots out the world. Soon after the well-equipped tortoise, Ellen encounters Professor Chomsky who teaches metalwork and swims naked in the lake at all hours, Professor Ritter who teaches drama and encourages the children to be kitchen utensils and to give birth to themselves, and a cabbage-person from an English mining village masquerading as a Russian ballerina.


Ellen bored me to tears. Morris Gleitzman brings heart and humour to the difficult subject of the Holocaust in this ground-breaking children’s book. And at is core is Ellen, a girl who is both strong and domestically inclined. Book ratings by Goodreads. I discovered her more adult romances in high school ibvotson fell in love with them. Born in Vienna, Eva Ibbotson came to England as a small girl.

But is there anything that compares with the tingle of discovering a wonderful established author, who already has six or seven books out there ready and waiting and in paperback?

We kept being told the two main characters loved each other, but as far as I could see, they weren’t that compatible. The book had been in her head for years before she actually wrote it.

I really enjoyed the boarding school and seeing Ellen grow to know and care for the children. Yes there is some predictability to the story. In short, the whole place is in desperate need of Ellen’s attention. Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Watching her win the children over with kindness and organization is quite cute. The romance genre has certain frequent plot devices like the classic misunderstandings between the characters and how it keeps the two main characters apart but that is one of ihbotson reasons I love romance novels! Trivia About A Song for Summer. But the best part is the whole-heart joy of her writing. Eva Ibbotson’s romances are all of the same pattern, Viennese pastry fiction.

Ibbotson’s writing is so, for lack of a better word, RIGHT for this story, it felt real and poignant without being sentimental. She’s young but has very motherly traits because her passion lies in taking care of the household and everything involved in that – cooking, baking, cleaning, doing the laundry and making everyone else more comfortable.


I could go on like this for hours.

A Song for Summer | BookTrust

For a lovely sogn in a nice setting that is beatlutifully written I can only give 3 stars due to the awful protagonists and their unhealthy relationship. She is loved by all, including the surly, the old, the young, the birds and the bees.

All in all, it is evva good read in the general sense of plot and well-written characters. This sounds wonderful, I like how you say that even thought the authors books are similar, they still hold their own and still draw you to them.

A Song for Summer

And yet, here he is doing landscaping at the castle. We kept being told the two main characters loved each This was definitely not for me. There are several married couples that cheat on one another toward the end including the heroine the Russian ballerina is just vulgar, summr the children in the book are shipped off to an anarchy-driven school by disinterested parents.

I had so many issues with this book. Sheila Book Journey says: The war means nothing to me unless it directly affects my love life! Esa es ibbotso magia de Eva Ibbotson lo ha vuelto a hacer. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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