The Leuchter Reports has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. N said: Article by Germar Rudolf: The Forensics Report That Changed History: The Leuchter Report is one of those rare and most precious documents. Prepared and written by Fred A. Leuchter, a consultant in the United States for the. The best known “expert analysis” of this variety is the so-called “Leuchter Report,” issued by an American manufacturer of execution equipment and proclaimed.

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We’re leuchtr about nothing and something, and in the area where there was something [the delousing facility], we had a very high content. The gas becomes reactive when it dissolves in water or condenses to liquid.

Full text of “The Leuchter Report”

Did Six Million Really Die? The contents are to be spread thinly so that the Zyklon can evaporate quickly and the necessary density of the gas can be achieved as soon as possible.

The larger chamber was not designed for HCN. Generally, this is done with an exhaust or intake fan with either exhaust or intake valves or louvered ports of sufficient size to allow reasonable air change per hour.

Leuchter cited the absence of Prussian blue in the homicidal gas chambers to support his view that they could not have been used leuchyer gas people. The eggs of many insects, particularly of bugs and lice, are more susceptible than the full-grown insects.

Leuchter Report / Holocaust denial / History / Auschwitz-Birkenau

Leuchter was well aware of the very real explosiveness of HCN. The degree of toxicity depends on the type of vegetation on the plants. Brugger, a lawyer in New York City, I began an inquiry into this area.

Billy Roper marked it leucter to-read Jun 13, In Januarythe Ontario Court of Appeal overturned the judgment because of grave errors in law and ordered that a new trial be held. Recently, a design for a gas generator has been completed which will be utilized in the two 2 man gas chamber at the Missouri State Penitentiary, Jefferson City, Missouri.


The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition

The video tapes made simultaneously by the team–which I have studied–provide compelling visual evidence of the scrupulous methods that they used. Leuchter compiled the report in with the intention of investigating the feasibility of mass homicidal gassings leuchher Nazi extermination campsspecifically at Auschwitz.

Further, the construction, poured concrete, is radically different from the other buildings at the facility.

No sealant was found anywhere on the foundation or floor. This was a ridiculous book.

Storage and Handling,” Du Pont company information sheet, pp. Therefore, it must be carried out particularly carefully and a gas mask should always be worn. Fumigation of a Building 1. Some of these rooms were allegedly used as gas chambers. Second, the depressed walkway is a potential gas trap for HCN, making the building extremely dangerous. Following Fred Leuchter on the witness stand came Dr. This changed inwhen Fred A. By not discriminating against that, Leuchter introduced an unreliable factor into his experiment, and his findings were seriously flawed as a result.

Leuchter states that there were far fewer compounds of hydrogen cyanide in the walls of the gas chambers at Auschwitz than in the walls of the disinfection chambers, and concludes that Zyklon B was not used to kill people, but rather, only sporadically, for disinfection. Roth pointed out, the reaction between HCN and iron will go fairly deep in porous substances like roughcast unless perhaps the surface formation of Prussian blue inhibited its further penetration. Until the end of this tragic century there will always be incorrigible historians, statesmen, and publicists who are content to believe, or have no economically viable alternative but to believe, that the Nazis used “gas chambers” at Auschwitz to kill human beings.

Leuchter is faulted for allegedly making misleading descriptions of the specimens. Because HCN has great penetrating powers and the “gas chamber” surfaces were porous, at least some hydrogen cyanide would have penetrated far enough into the roughcast and brick to escape being washed away. One of the chambers has a potential vent in the ceiling that was apparently never cut through the roof.

And if he is right, his work and his findings will stand the test of time, and his courage will be vindicated. The inlet and exhaust system is designed for an air change every two 2 minutes.


Leuchter report

I can’t believe someone would doubt the truth of the Holocaust, and publish this rubbish. He was leuvhter to nine months imprisonment and was granted bail after signing a gag order, promising not to write or speak about the “Holocaust” until the end of his appeal proceedings. He thus joined Galileo.

The Red and White houses at Birkenau were allegedly only gas chambers. They may be thrown on a rubbish or slag heap, but may never be emptied into drains. See Handbook of Chemistry and Physics57th ed.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, Poland’s Institute of Forensic Research Krakow has provided independent corroboration of Leuchter’s findings. Additionally, other alleged facilities which only utilized CO as the execution gas were located at Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Chelmno gas vansthese additional facilities were allegedly destroyed either during or after WWII, have not been inspected and are not directly the subject of this report.

Chamber 2 is incomplete and probably was never used. Although it was not meant to be made public, Revisionists were able to obtain a copy. It is the best engineering opinion leuchterr this author that the alleged gas chambers at the inspected sites could not have then been, or now, be utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers. Whatever defects there may be in the videotape record of Leuchter’s investigation, it seems unlikely that they are the result of conscious fraud let alone a plot orchestrated by his arch-enemy Robert Faurisson.

This party consisted of myself; my wife Carolyn Leuchter; Mr. In itself that is not frsd all remarkable, except that this man also just happened to be the foremost American expert on gassing and gas chamber technology.

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