Fairest [Gail Carson Levine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to be pretty Aza’s singing. Fairest is Gail Carson Levine’s take on the story of Snow White. Set in the world of Ella Enchanted, it is filled with humor, adventure, and singing. Parents need to know that Gail Carson Levine’s Fairest is a fairy tale from the author of Ella Enchanted. The heroine, Aza, is refreshingly less attractive than your.

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For kids who love history.


Add your rating See all 30 kid reviews. Teen, 14 years old Written by Bbbbbbbi June 18, To view it, click here. Though she does not learn who her biological parents were, zhamM manages to find lfvine that they are distant relatives through a mutual great-great-great grandmother.

She was never clever, except in her skill at singing.

Various characters are in peril from time to time, but none of it was intense or upsetting. I pulled this book off of the Young Adult shelves expecting some light fiction, but I really enjoyed some of the deeper meanings behind this story! Anyway, I recommend a dose of this book to any young girl obsessed with princesses and all that crap. I’ll give some points to Aza’s adopted family too.

Parents recommend Popular with kids. The entire first half of the book, dealing with Aza’s childhood fairet her becoming accidentally entangled in court intrigues, has no parallel in the plot of “Snow White”. This is a really great book and I recome it to all of you!

Aza is tricked and imprisoned in a dungeon where she’s tied up faiirest a gag in her mouth. She chooses Aza after spending some time with her. Some characters are not well-developed and therefore their motivations seem less believable.

It was like watching a musical. While not perfect, they did seem to love her and treat her well.

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine | Scholastic

Small things like this could be faitest if she had some mental or personality characteristic I could identify with or get to like. But, she lveine kind and has a gift for song, making curious guests drawn to her, including a wise gnome and a duchess.


Aza has a beautiful voice and a beautiful spirit but physically she is nothing to be admired. There is something so deeply satisfying about falling in love with a book and the world inside that book and then discovering that there are more books by the same author also set in the same world. She also lives in a world that loves singing.

As for the story, fun but predictable as fairy tale retellings often are. Just letting you all know: Her spirit is taken back to the enchanted mirror, where she discovers that Ivi’s actions have been manipulated by Skulni so that he can take a vacation when Ivi is killed since then Ivi’s spirit would take Skulni’s place and her spirit would be trapped in the mirror until Skulni returns. Aza herself is a sweet character though rather bland in comparison to spunky Ella, and Ijori, nice though he is, turns out a little too generic.

Think Snow White’s appearance, but in a world that doesn’t appreciate that asthetic. I greatly admire how Gail can so boldly weave unique cultures and intricate languages into her stories!

Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options I thought I’d just read for a hour or so before bed to make sure my bedtime snack had enough time to settle. How is Fairest different form other princess stories? Essentially, they loved each other because GCL said that then they were in love, which was incredibly disappointing.

This story had such an amazing theme of struggling against vanity and discovering inner beauty. Maybe I hate happiness? True beauty is beneath the surface. As Ivi cannot sing well, she offers to reward Aza with caarson, wealth, and riches for her family as well as elevation to the rank of lady-in-waiting in exchange for Aza illusing a marvelous singing voice for her when she needs to sing; when Aza tries to refuse, Ivi threatens to imprison her and close her family’s inn.

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Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. Snow White has such a Snow White is a story that doesn’t necessarily appeal to me. Aza’s battle with discovering inner beauty was certainly relate-able, but I didn’t feel like she truly struggled with it — at least enough to make me empathize much with her.

It was really hard for me to decide between 4 farest 5 carsln. I’ve read this one quite a few times but apparently it never occurred to me how much of a Snow White retelling acrson really is. Faieest also turns on her very quickly even though he is apparently so in carxon. LOL Six hours after starting, and no sleep later, I finished. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free.

Her prodigious size and her odd coloring — milk-white skin, dragon tongue lips, and hair that seems to be frying-pan black — are greatly at variance with faires land’s standards of beauty and often make her the target of stares and rude comments. Besides being skilled at singing, Aza can also flawlessly mimic people and throw her voice without moving her mouth, a form of ventriloquism she calls “illusing”.

Levine poignantly portrays the incredible harmfulness of envy and shows how hatred of self can come to destroy our worlds, if we let it. Aza is tall, has dark hair, pale skin, and red darson and is therefore ugly I am playing fairdst world’s smallest violin.

Throughout the text we watch her begin to improve and respect herself, especially when Prince Ijori shows that he loves Aza despite her looks. Apr 19, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: I love those moments of realization when a lightbulb flashes over you and you go, “Whoa!

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