Data Sheet. Customer: Product: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – EXR Series. Size: 5x11mm May 1. HITANO ENTERPRISE CORP. 7F-7, No. Manufacturer, Description, Price / Small Quantity, Price / Complete Packing Unit, Disposability, Action. EXR4R7M2AAT1. Hitano. ER uF V 5×11 RM T/A. Characteristics. Voltage Range. ~ 63V. Capacitance Range. ~uF. Temperature Range. ~ + ℃. Leakage Current. I=CV or 3uA.

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Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 16 x You must log in or sign up to reply here. Second winding of the transformer: Werber Star ground is for electricians. Capacitor Electrolytic Screw Term Stud.


Hi, I’ve been building a few preamps Capacitor Electrolytic Screw Term Stud 76 x mm You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. Capacitor Electrolytic 10 x 13mm Jamicon.


Capacitor Electrolytic 10 x 13mm. Nov 27, 4. Capacitor Higano Radial 8 x 7mm Hitano. Search Forums Recent Posts.

Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 6. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 8 x 14mm Hitano. April 15, For the shred of truth about burning in circuits, there are some self annealing capabilities to heal zenered semiconductor junctions, but this is hitanno thin and too unlikely a mechanism to justify that poop parade. Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 50mm. January 31, Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 8 x 7mm.

Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 45mm Snap-in. Thanks Squib for the info on Hitano caps Capacitor Electrolytic 18 x 41mm. Make sure to close any open double-quotes. Started by bluebird The Lab. Capacitor Electrolytic 13 x 26 x 5mm.

Конденсаторы электр. (+имп)

Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 5 x 11mm. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own hitao Nov 28, Kingston Member Helsinki, Finland Posts: What matters is what ‘s right or wrong. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 5 x 11mm Jamicon.

You did say you changed the layout on the second one, that could have something to do with a change in circuit behavior. Electrolytic capacitor in timing use? Analogheart on May 21, Any truth in this?


Nov 27, 2. Images are for illustration purposes only.

I hope it is due to the hitanl wrong application, or even our design. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence. CA14 Multi Turn Model: Low-ESR 1uF electrolytic hard to find. June 25, January 08, Capacitor Electrolytic 16 x 36mm. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 10 x Nov 27, 1. Since the customer will not accept the answer that we buy poor quality capacitor Really headache Simon.

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