Discover the latest imaginative adventure from the master of d20 psionics! During play, Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics unveils valuable game material. Hyperconscious has 6 ratings and 0 reviews. Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics (Dungeons & Dragons D20 Fantasy Roleplaying. Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics, not only updates Mindscapes to , but also includes an adventure and updates to the mechanics.

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There is one new creature that does not appear in the adventure, the mind grub collective. Henry Perez rated it it was amazing Jan 20, An astral dragoon gains a competence bonus equal to his prestige class exploeations on all Handle Animal and Ride checks associated with his bayard while he is mounted.

Ted added it Aug 05, For example, adimantify, mineralize, mithrilize, and metallizeall of which harden the psion’s skin, granting DR, were combined into the alloyed hide power. Scott Andrews rated it really liked it Apr 05, Are these visions true, or are they insidious dreams? Even if the ghostbreaker takes multiple levels, only a single feedback arc forms, with the specified effect described above.

Beginning at 3rd level, while the character retains her psionic focus, she enjoys limited protection from level-draining attacks.

First, the book starts with hyperconsciuos adventure, Shades of Delusion, adventure for four 7th level characters. Explorations in Psionics unveils valuable game material, including new psionic prestige classes, powers, monsters, feats, and items—many based around the themes of Dream. The character meet with a psion who has a tale for them that leads them into a psionic based dungeon crawl with numerous items and PrCs making their appearance hyperconsciouz to be detailed later.

This essentially means that he adds the level of astral dragoon to the level of whatever manifesting class the character has, then determines hypreconscious points per day, powers known, and manifester level accordingly. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Moreover, the presence of the astral dragoon allows the psion to create a 3rd-level construct large enough to ride.


Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Successful players will discover that the seven seers of the Oraculus have been deceived, and are pawns in a plan by the Dark Plea reaching across time to ensure it is created. Explorations in Psionics, not only updates Mindscapes to 3. Charisma continues to modify the turning check and turning damage. Explorations in Psionics unveils valuable game material, including new psionic prestige classes, powers, monsters, feats, and items—many based around the themes of Dream.

Overall, if you fxplorations comfortable with the XPH material hyperconscioue don’t have the Malhavoc psionics material yet, Hyperconscious provides some interesting additions that are better balanced than anything currently written for psionics.

However, my old favorites, the psicrystal hypedconscious, are still present and updated. Explorations in Psionics All of the following are Class Features of the ghostbreaker prestige class.

Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics by Bruce R. Cordell

For those not familiar with Mindscapesthe basic concept is that whenever two psionic creatures get near each other, a random “mindscape” which only psionic creatures can perceive springs up. She knows the level and location of each undead. A ghostbreaker can turn undead as divinely inspired clerics do, but she uses xeplorations power of her mental presence, not a channel to a higher power.

In the event that something destroys or dismisses the bayard such as through a malicious use of the dismiss ectoplasm powerthe character can hyperconsciious a new one with the aid of a psion who knows the astral construct power. Other classes merely make cameos in the adventure.

As an immediate action, the character sends an arc of feedback energy at the leveldraining attacker even if invisible or out of line of sight, as long as an uninterrupted path exists between the two.

Some other powers that had no previous scaling like avaunt which provides intimidate bonuses now provide increased benefits with the im of additional power points. A ghostbreaker turns undead with psioincs effective turning level equal to her manifester level minus 2 by mentally channeling and manipulating positive energy.

Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. PDF versions are also available, some of which do not include the updated material, only new material.


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Are these visions true, or are they insidious dreams? These contents are elegantly handled by having each combatant make a d20 combat mode check, using a new modifier that the Mindscapes system introduces, which is on the same scale but not necessarily the same as saving throws.

Ghostbreakers can detect that peculiar mental deficiency that indicates an undead mind animated with negative energy, not life.

Much like spells, psionic powers are broken up by class and level with specific psion specialist given their own list. Psionics can face off in combat in this imaginary landscape to gain real world advantages, such as bonuses to saving throws, damage resistance, damage bonuses, and so forth.

Cordell even uses Hyperconscious as a route for some quickened errata or variants for existing powers. Explorations in Psionics unveils valuable game material, including new psionic prestige classes, powers, psiomics, feats, and items-many based around the themes of Dream.

David Winston marked it as to-read Apr 06, Views Page Discussion Edit Htperconscious. Also a novel author, his credits include several titles set in the Forgotten Realms. A table breaks down the feats and allows the reader to quickly see what type of feat he might want to take. Other sections update previous material or expanded upon the material introduced here. Please select a support frequency.

Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics

The institution known as the Oraculus splinters, sundering the Seven Sages. I was surprised to see this feat reappear, as its role was relegated to overchannel in the Exploratiojs. Ghostbreakers gain no additional proficiency in any weapon or armor. Open Preview See a Problem?

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