Before You Read. “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” by Leslie Marmon Silko. Born About Silko. “I was fortunate to be reared by my great-grandmother and. Silko, Leslie Marmon. Genre. Short Story. Overview. Published in , “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” depicts the story of an old man who is found dead in a. Leon: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Ken, round character; Ken: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Leon, flat character; Father Paul.

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He manages to integrate American Indian ways and Christian ways; he is a Christian who still respects his roots and cultural heritage.

In fact, understanding her re-vision and reinterpretation of personal and tribal memory leads us past the easy impulse to call Storyteller a collage, a family album, or pastiche, on into a conception of its unity and significance as a literary work.

He is a man of few words and has a calm, strong sense of dignity. Silko indicates that her great grandfather Robert and his brother had a government contract to set out the boundary markers for Laguna. In accordance with Keres tradition, Old Teofilo, even in death, is still a valued member of the community, for the people are looking to him to send them big thunderclouds.

After wandering further, first southward from the lake at Laguna and then northward back to the lake, they settled Punyana, probably in the late s. Born in in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she grew up on the nearby Laguna Pueblo Reservation, where she was raised within a family of mixed Indian, Mexican, and white descent.

After founding Old Laguna Kawaik aroundthey issued invitations to other pueblos to join them. After reconsideration the priest, still confused about his role the ceremony, changes his mind and sprinkles the grave with the holy water:. But high and northwest the blue mountains were still in snow. Although the pueblo was not subjected to as many attacks from the Spanish as the Rio Grande pueblos, it was forced to surrender in after an attack by the troops of Governor Diego de Vargas.

Walter, appointed government teacher inmarried the daughter of the chief of the Kurena-Shikani medicine men. Unable to think of anything else, she decided to write about this incident and to try to imagine the scene and how the people had felt.

To be sure, she does want us to see that these are Laguna rituals and attitudes. An identity was being made or evolved in the stories the Lagunas told about these people who had gone outside Laguna, but at the same time of the outsiders who had come in.


According to their origin legends, the Laguna tribe in existence since at leastcame southward from the Mesa Verde region.

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As the story opens, Leon and his brother-in-law, Ken, find an old man, Teofilo, dead under a cottonwood lesloe. Around andGeorge H. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Her work widely anthologized, Leslie Marmon Silko is considered the preeminent Native American woman novelist, a legend in her achievements in the field of Native American literature. Of Pueblo, Mexican, and white descent, she was both an insider and outsider in Laguna, and this makes her an interesting chronicler of stories about modern-day.

Silko claims that Pueblo narratives are lean and spare because so much of what constitute the stories is shared knowledge. This place I am from is everything I am as a writer and human being.

The Man to Send Rain Clouds

In this mxn, Silko uses humor as a doubleedged tool. What we have in the story are two different ideas of death, or rather, of our whole existence. But then after World War One it changed. Father Paul refuses at first, but later decides to sprinkle holy water on the grave, honoring the Native American belief silo the spirit must have plenty of water in its journey to the other world. In the late s there was an interest in indigenous cultures in America.

Leon waited under the tree while Ken drove the truck through the deep sand to the edge of the arroyo.

She attended law school for a short time, but, disillusioned with the legal system, she left school after three semesters, having decided to seek justice for her people through the power of her imagination and stories. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Also, she is an artist who wants to apply her imagination to the telling of tales, and to her, the essence of this particular incident is the story of this instance of cultural clash with the feelings and ideas involved. Silko has said that, for the Indian people, time is round, and not a linear string.

This is exemplified in the part of the story in which Father Paul is depicted as bewildered by the incorporation of Catholic ritual in an Indian ceremony. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Irony is a literary device used to convey meaning to a phrase quite different than—in fact, often. Although it is not strictly a Christian burial, the dead man receives the blessings of both traditional and Christian cultures.


Ken is the brother-in-law of Leon and a minor character in the story. Many Indians moved off the reservations and into mainstream American culture, becoming more visible as a result.

To the Pueblo, death is not marmln end of existence, but part of a cycle in which the spirit of the deceased returns to its source and then helps sulko community of the living by returning with rain clouds for the nourishment of the earth. Although Christianity was forced on them, the Indians continued to observe their traditional religious practices.

The Man To Send Rain Clouds by Rebecca Wanamaker on Prezi

Raised on the Indian reservation in Laguna, New Mexico, she incorporates magmon her writing the mwrmon, myths, and legends she heard as she grew up. But there he was, facing into a cold dry wind and squinting at the last sunlight, ready to bury a red wool blanket while the faces of his parishioners were in shadow with the last warmth of the sun on their backs. And on the other hand, as already suggested, pueblo societies see the survival of the group as more important than the existence of the individual.

Nonetheless, his action brings him to the edge of the community: Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for amn reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

For one thing, she doubts that the informants among whom were some of her own ancestors always gave the scholars the true story, and more important, their reports are dead to her compared to the living reality of what she has heard and seen and felt herself. Teofilo was old and well respected, as evidenced by the affection shown him by Leon and his family. The story is told through an objective, thirdperson narrative, and unfolds in a rigidly objective tone.

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